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• 9/9/2018
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• 8/26/2018

Native American pantheon?

The Native Americans had no one religion, each tribe had their own beliefs, deities and spirits. Sadly, after their removal, much of the knowledge of these religions has been lost. What remains is now greatly cherished by modern tribes, but living in poverty has put the remnants of tribal faiths in an uncertain position. Some tribes have been slowly realizing that if they want what's left of their culture to survive, they have to share it with the world. So more and more knowledge, culture and religion from the past has been brought into the light.

In terms of SMITE, the religious elements of Native Americans would have to be put into an amalgam because so much of it has been lost, but there are many potential gods.
Coyote: the Trickster
Muskrat: the Earthdiver
Gyhldeptis: Goddess of the Forest
Nanook: Master of Bears
Glooscap: the Creator
Nootaikok: God of Iceburgs
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• 5/21/2018

Consol to PC?

Is there a way to conect your consol progress with steam? might jump back to xbox 1 smite.
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• 5/8/2018


I will be trying to update god tooltips and pages, feel free to help out with your favorite gods!
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• 10/27/2017


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