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T Agni Default Card.png
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Title God of Fire
Pantheon Hindu
Health 360 (+71)
Mana 255 (+45)
Speed 335 (+0)
Range 55 (+0)
Attacks Per Second 0.86 (+0.01)
Magic Power 0 (+0)
Physical Power 32 (+2)
Magic Protection 30 (+0)
Physical Protection 11 (+3)
Health Regen 7 (+0.47)
Mana Regen 5 (+0.37)
Roles Ranged Mage
Favor 5500
Gem Cost 200


Icons Agni Passive.png Combustion (Passive)

After hitting with 4 basic attacks, Agni will gain a buff. On next cast of Flame Wave or Rain Fire, all enemies hit by those abilities will be additionally set ablaze, taking 5 (+10% of your magical power) magical damage every .5s for 3s.

Icons Agni A01.png Noxious Fumes (Skill Key 1)

Agni Summons a cloud of noxious fumes at his ground target location, doing 10/20/30/40/50 (+5% of your magical power) magical damage every second for 10s. Firing any of Agni's abilities into the fumes detonates the gas, stunning all enemies within the radius for 2s.

Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana.

Cooldown: 12s.

Icons Agni A02.png Flame Wave (Skill Key 2)

Agni summons a wave of fire in front of him that scorches all enemies in its path for 80/120/160/200/240 (+40% of your magical power) magical damage. Ignites Noxious Fumes.

Cost: 60/70/80/90/100 mana.

Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11s.

Icons Agni A03.png Path of Flames (Skill Key 3)

Agni blazes a path forward in a quick dash, leaving flames trailing behind him that persist for 4s. Any enemies passing through the flames catch fire and burn for 25/35/45/55/65 (+15% of your magical power) magical damage for .5s for 2s. Ignites noxious fumes.

Cost: 70/75/80/85/90 mana.

Cooldown: 15s.

Icons Agni A04.png Rain Fire (Skill Key 4 - Ultimate)

Every 20 seconds, Agni gains a flaming halo, storing up to 3. Agni can expend a halo to summon a giant meteor at his ground target location, doing 175/215/255/295/335 (+60% of your magical power) magical damage. He can summon 1 every .5 seconds. Ignites Noxious Fumes.

Cooldown is dependent on available halos.


  • "Like a match, I burn more than once."
  • "A single tree set aflame can cause an entire forest to burn. Come be that tree."


  • "How hot do I burn? Have you ever seen someone ignite ice?"
  • "Only you can prevent forest fires. Well, unless I'm around."

Recommended Items

Healing Potion Boots of the Magi Pythagorem's Piece Hide of Leviathan Book of Thoth Rod of Tahuti
HealingPotion 01 Rank1.png BootsPower 01 Rank1.png Magic 01 Rank1.png HelmDragon 01 Rank1.png Wand 02 Rank1.png Wand 01 Rank1.png


Not available as of yet.


Not available as of yet.