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Apollo's Racer Rumble was a racing game mode and the second of the Adventures in SMITE. It was available between April 12 and May 9, 2017.

Additional information can be found here: Racer Rumble promo site.

Description[edit | edit source]


Race For Glory[edit | edit source]

The green flag has dropped in the Battleground of the Gods! Hop into your godly kart and hit the track for a crazy eight-person race! If you're the winner, you could earn some awesome rewards... just watch out for kappa shells!

Two New Map: Elysium Beach and Molten Pass[edit | edit source]

Race your cards around two new maps inspired by Conquest that you know and love. Cruise the seaside on Elysium Beach or plow through a volcano in Molten Pass.

Get Ready to Rumble![edit | edit source]

RacerRumble Minimaps.png

Welcome to Apollo's Racer rumble, an all-new racing game mode! Choose your god, hop into car and be the first to cross the finish line in this new Adventure.

Game Rules[edit | edit source]

Apollo's Racer Rumble is an 8 person race. The goal is to race around the track and be the first to complete four laps.

  • Pick up and use items
  • Drive over speed pads to gain a boost
  • Drift around corners to gain a boost
  • Race on one of two different maps
  • Custom driving controls for this mode only

Controls[edit | edit source]

W - Accelerate
S - Reverse
A - Turn Left
D - Turn Right
SpaceBar - Drift
Left Mouse Button - Weapon
Right Mouse Button - Horn
Tab - Scoreboard

Gods[edit | edit source]

Pick from one of 10 available gods, each with their own custom driving animations:

Items[edit | edit source]

As you are driving, be sure to drive over the Smite boxes to pick up items!

  • Icon Item Racer Shell.png Kappa: Fire a shell that slows enemies.
  • Icon Item Racer Shield.png Shield: Protects from everything but Lightning.
  • Icon Item Racer Speed.png Sprint: Increases speed for a short duration.
  • Icon Item Racer Blink.png Blink: Instantly teleport forward.
  • Icon Item Racer Barricade.png Barricade: Drop a wall behind you.
  • Icon Item Racer Hammerang.png Hammerrang: Throw a hammer to hit players forward and back.
  • Icon Item Racer Nitro.png Nitrous: Increase speed for long duration.
  • Icon Item Racer Detonate.png Lightning: Spin out all enemies ahead of you.
  • Icon Item Racer Curse.png Curse: Block players vision.

Racer Bundle[edit | edit source]

Celebrate and save with this great bundle! Included is the Apollo's Winner Circle skin, an evolving Pedestal and a Gold Key - Your ticket to a new Limited Skin from the Gold Vault. This bundle costed 900 Gems.png while the Racer Rumble was available.

Lap Rewards[edit | edit source]

Your finishing placement in a race grants you points that earn you lap rewards, including a guaranteed exclusive skin from the Awesome Chest and 10 Victory Laps. Victory Laps: 10 Gems.png

RacingRumble LapRewards.png
1 NewUI Currency Favor.png Favor (300)
2 Acquisition Pedestal.png Pedestal Upgrade 1
3 TreasureRoll Blue.png Enigma Chest
4 NewUI Currency Favor.png Favor (500)
5 Acquisition Pedestal.png Pedestal Upgrade 2
6 TreasureRoll Blue.png Enigma Chest
7 NewUI Currency Favor.png Favor (1000)
8 Acquisition Pedestal.png Pedestal Upgrade 3
9 TreasureRoll Astral.png Awesome Chest

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