Arena is a game mode for Smite.

Arena is similar to a TDM. Two teams of 5 face off against each other, trying to kill enemy gods, minions, and siege minions. An average game lasts around 18 minutes.

In each Arena game, each team starts off with 500 tickets, and goal of the game is to reduce the enemy's tickets to 0. There are a number of ways to do so. The easiest is by killing and escorting minions to the enemy's portal; this action removes 1 ticket for each minions killed or escorted. The second way of removing tickets from your enemies is by killing gods. This removes 5 tickets for each god kill. After killing 10 gods, the team will spawn a siege minion, and if successfully escorted to the enemy portal, will remove 15 tickets. This can happen an infinite number of times.

The Arena Map is styled as a Roman Colosseum. There are two bases on the ends of the map, with two towers guarding them. Between these bases are jungle camps, several pillars and walls, and a central area in which minions will meet at. The front of each base is covered by a large portal which escorted minions travel through. There are no lanes to defend or push, as it is just pure fighting to the death.

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