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Assault is one of the Game Modes in SMITE.

Statistics[ | ]

  • Players per Team: 5
  • Starting Level: 5
  • Starting Gold: 3,000
  • Setup Time: 1:30
  • Gold Spooling: 4 per second
  • XP Spooling: None

Description[ | ]

Queue Assault

Two teams of five players are pitted against each other in a single lane. Players must reach account level 15 before they are able to join this game mode.

There are no jungle camps in Assault and the only goal is to push the minion waves and destroy all of the enemy's structures with the game ending at the death of a Titan.

Unlike other modes in SMITE, the game picks a random God for each player. Players can re-roll their god for 125 Favor or 25 Gems, causing the game to select a different random one. Once a player has re-rolled their god, they can do it once more before being unable to re-roll again. Gods can also be swapped between players.

There is a balancing mechanic in place for this random god assignment where if one team has a healer, the other will also have one of the same tier. Healers cannot be re-rolled and it's not possible to re-roll into a healer, but healers can still be traded. Healers are categorized in tiers depending on the amount of healing they can provide to their team.

After leaving their fountain, players cannot return to base to buy items or regenerate their health until they die. This also applies to Chang'e's passive but not Ratatoskr's acorns, nor Gilgamesh's passive.

Minimap[ | ]

AssaultV2 Minimap

Special Objectives[ | ]

  • Buff HealthRegen new Vital Orb: There are four of these, two in between the center of the lane and two in the side lane. The central orbs spawn at 60s while the side-lane orbs spawn at 150s into the game and have a respawn time of 60s. Players need to walk into these to collect them. Vital Orbs provide:
  • 15% Increased movement speed for the player who picked up the Orb for 10s.
  • 15% instant Health and Mana heal for the player and allies within 60 units.
  • A 1% Health and Mana regeneration per second aura for 10s around the player. This affects all allies within 60 units (restores a total of 10% with the HP Mana regen per 1s and 25% if affected by its initial restore).
  • Tower Bastions: There are four of these, and two per side/lane and are inside the Tier 1 Tower's radius. While active, they provide 25% damage mitigation each (50% total per T1 Tower), have 90% healing reduction and can be damaged by Basic Attacks or Abilities from players. Bastions reward players with 50 Gold and have the following stats:
  • 1500 health
  • 60 Physical Protection
  • 45 Magical Protection
  • Gold reward: 50 (100 total)

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Trivia[ | ]

  • After the 10 minute mark, Jormungandr can be seen outside of the map closest to Chaos' tier 1 tower.