Baron Samedi, God of Life and Death, is a Mage of the Voodoo pantheon in Smite.

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Death. If you think that it means the end, then allow me to introduce you to someone.

You thought it was all over, but Baron Samedi is going to change your mind. The only fire here is in the water, so share a drink with him. Let the sights and sounds entrance you. Join the celebration, feel your pulse pounding so hard you've forgotten your heart stopped beating.

Forget what you think you know. There is a life after death, and Baron Samedi will be your guide. So come along and let Baron Samedi show you the wonders of a whole new world, and that even a god of death can be the life of the party.

After all, what have you got to lose?

Abilities Edit

BaronSamedi Passive Hysteria
Baron shares Baron’s Brew, a powerful restorative chalice, with his allies from the Item Shop. Enemies hit by Baron will have Hysteria applied to them. Baron’s abilities interact with Hysteria to provide bonus effects. Targets at Max Hysteria take 20% additional damage from Baron Samedi.
Ability: Passive
BaronSamedi 1 Vivid Gaze
Baron Samedi animates two skulls, both which briefly warm up before firing two beams of voodoo magic that damage enemies. The beams crossover wherever Baron Samedi was aiming. Enemies hit by both beams take 15% damage on the second hit.

If the enemy god hit is above 30 Hysteria, their Physical Power, Magical Power, and Attack Speed are reduced.

Ability: Line
Affects: Enemy
Damage: Magical
Range: 60
Damage: 60/105/150/195/240 (+60% of your Magical Power)
Power Reduction: 30%
Attack Speed Reduction: 30%
Hysteria per Hit: 10
Cost: 55/60/65/70/75
Cooldown: 9s
BaronSamedi 2 Consign Spirits
Baron Samedi guides restless spirits to the ground and buries them. After a brief delay the ground erupts, damaging enemies standing in the area. If an enemy god is hit, friendly spirits fly the from the area and heal allies near the explosion or by Baron Samedi.

If the enemy god hit is above 30 Hysteria the friendly spirit cleanses ally slow effects, and increases their Movement Speed.

Ability: Ground Target
Affects: Enemy/Ally
Damage: Magical
Range: 18
Damage: 70/125/180/235/290 (+70% of your Magical Power)
Flat Heal: 40/65/90/115/140 (+10% of your Magical Power)
Missing Health Heal: 10%
Ground Speed: 25%
Hysteria per Hit: 20
Cost: 60
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11s
BaronSamedi 3 Wrap It Up
Baron Samedi throws his snake forward, wrapping any enemy god hit and dealing damage every .5s for 2.5s and applying a ramp to root.

If a god hit is above 30 Hysteria, the snake will also lash out at nearby enemy gods who stand too close after 1s. Enemies hit by this are injected with venom that ramp to root and deals the full damage over time immediately.

Ability: Line
Affects: Enemy
Damage: Magical
Radius: 60
Damage per Tick: 10/18/26/34/42 (+5% of your Magical Power)
Slow Duration: 1.75s
Root Duration: 0.75s
Hysteria per Tick: 5
Cost: 60/65/70/75/80
Cooldown: 14s
BaronSamedi 4 Life Of The Party
Baron Samedi pulls the souls of the living towards his Coffin, becoming CC Immune and taking 35% reduced damage. Enemy gods within range are pulled towards the Coffin and take damage every .33s. When an enemy god gets too close to the coffin their soul is ripped out, causing them to be stunned, take a large amount of damage based on their total health and gain max Hysteria. This ability persists for 3.5s or until an enemy god is pulled to the coffin.

If targets being pulled are above 30 Hysteria, the pull strength is increased.

Ability: Cone
Affects: Enemy
Damage: Magical
Range: 60
Damage per Tick: 17/24/31/38/45 (+6% of your Magical Power)
Damage on Hit: 100/170/240/310/380 (+50% of your Magical Power)
Max Health Damage: 10%
Stun: 1.5s
Hysteria per Hit: 5
Cost: 70/75/80/85/90
Cooldown: 90s

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  • Brush with Death: As Baron Samedi, heal yourself or an ally with Consign Spirits while they are below 5% of their HP.
  • Spread the Fun: As Baron Samedi, cause 3 enemy gods to be above 30 Hysteria at the same time.

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Patch changes Edit

  • IconSmite (Patch 6.1Note: Golden Touch skin added. Consign Spirits Decreased Bonus Healing based on Missing Health from 12.5% to 10%. Life Of The Party Decreased Total Health Damage from 15% from 10%.
  • IconSmite (Patch 5.23Note: Count skin added.
  • IconSmite (Patch 5.18Note: Wrap It Up Increased Cooldown from 12s to 14s.
  • IconSmite (Patch 5.16Note: Consign Spirits Decreased mana cost from 75 to 60. This ability no longer provides slow immunity(still cleanses slows on hit). Reduced Movement Speed buff from 20/25/30/35/40% to 25% at all ranks.
  • IconSmite (Patch 5.15Note: Life Of The Party Decreased Hysteria per hit from 8 to 5. Increased self slow while casting from 40% to 60%.
  • IconSmite (Patch 5.13Note: Half-Life skin added. Hysteria The skull that appears to show a player is affected by Hysteria has now been offset to help players see while affected. Vivid Gaze Damage decreased from 80/130/180/230/280 to 60/105/150/195/240. Scaling decreased from 70% to 60%. Consign Spirits Decreased Heal from +15% of a target’s missing health to 12.5%. Wrap It Up Changed Slow to Root to a new CC term, Ramp to Root. The ramp up to the root is considered a root for all CC immunity purposes and if it is cleansed it will result in the full root not applying. Decreased damage over time and Hysteria AoE duration from 4s to 2.5 to match the Ramp to Root FX. This causes the overall damage this ability deals to go from 80/144/208/272/336 (+40% of your Magical Power) to 50/90/130/170/210 (+25% of your Magical Power).
  • IconSmite (Patch 5.12Note: Hysteria Decreased bonus damage targets take while at max hysteria from 25% to 20%. Vivid Gaze Fixed an issue where the second beam hit did 30% of the first beam’s damage, rather than the listed 15%. Reduced Magical Power scaling from 80% to 70%. Wrap It Up Fixed an issue where targets with root immunity were still being rooted. Life Of The Party Decreased Base Damage on Hit from 140/210/280/350/420 to 100/170/240/310/380. Reduced Damage mitigation from 50% to 35%. Reduced Stun duration from 2s to 1.5s.
  • IconSmite (Patch 5.11Note: Baron Samedi released.

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