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The Battle Pass system in SMITE was first introduced on SMITE Version 6.1.5286.8. The patch was released on February 11, 2019.

The Battle Passes allows players to unlock Skins, Chests, and other rewards just by playing the game. Completing matches will grant Battle Points Battle Points (or BP) with levels up the Battle Pass. A reward is unlocked at every level up. Most rewards require the player to purchase the battle pass. Any premium rewards earned up to that point are instantly unlocked upon purchase. A new battle pass will release every 11 weeks, replacing the list of rewards and resetting all progress to 0.

Season 11 introduced a new type of battle pass: the Cross-Gen Pass where players can earn Cross-Gen cosmetics, which can be used on both SMITE and SMITE 2.

Battle Pass Tracks[ | ]

There are 2 Battle Pass tracks: Free and Premium.

The free and premium tracks share the same progress bar, however the premium rewards won't be earned until the premium pass is obtained. Unlocking it costs 800 Gems Gems (950 for cross-over battle passes) and also comes with a 50% Bonus to earned BP. Players also have the option to pay 1400 Gems and start at Level 20, instantly unlocking the rewards for those levels.

Battle Points[ | ]

Battle Points Battle Points are a type of currency in SMITE. Battle Points are used to unlock Cosmetic Items and other rewards from the current battle pass. Rather than spending them directly, the rewards are unlocked automatically after accumulating a certain amount of Battle Points.

There are several ways to earn Battle Points:

  • Playing any matches that rewards Experience. You earn 1 point for every 5 seconds of the match.
  • Completing Battle Pass Quests. Each quest will award 500 Battle Points.
  • By participating in special events.

Additionally, players can exchange Gems Gems for enough Battle Points to reach a certain level. 100 Gems Gems provide a player with 1000 Battle Points

List of Battle Passes[ | ]

2019 (Season 6) Battle Pass Series[ | ]

Too Hot For You! Darkness Falls Neo Olympia Sweet Victory Pirate Queens RWBY
2Hot4ULogo DarknessFallsLogo NeoOlympiaLogo SweetVictoryLogo PirateQueensLogo RWBYLogo

2020 (Season 7) Battle Pass Series[ | ]

Enchanted Chronicles Lightbringers Final Boss Avatar Necropolis TMNT
EnchantedChroniclesLogo LightbringersLogo FinalBossLogo AvatarLogo NecropolisLogo TMNTLogo

2021 (Season 8) Battle Pass Series[ | ]

Most Wanted Heroes of the Wild Monstercat Stranger Things Cleanliness VS. Godliness Transformers
MostWantedLogo HeroesOfTheWildLogo MonstercatLogo StrangerThingsLogo BP17 Logo TransformersLogo

2022 (Season 9) Battle Pass Series[ | ]

Hellfire Syndicate Chibi Bots Blast from the Past Zodiac Council Houses at War Cyber Tokyo
HellfireSyndicateLogo ChibiBotsLogo BlastFromThePastLogo ZodiacCouncilLogo HousesatWarTextLogo CyberTokyoTextLogo

2023 (Season 10) Battle Pass Series[ | ]

Boss Monsters Duality Dark Dominion Celestial Syndicate World Champion
BossMonstersTextLogo DualityLogo DarkDominion Logo CelestialSyndicate Logo WorldChampionsLogo

2024 (Season 11) Cross-Gen Pass Series[ | ]

Dusk and Dawn Gleaming Valor Oni Slayer Dapper Denizens Galactic Frontier Doom Circuit Court of the Charmed
Achievement Temp Achievement Temp Achievement Temp Achievement Temp Achievement Temp Achievement Temp Achievement Temp