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The Clan System in SMITE allows players to group up as like-minded communities, to play together while also gaining rewards.

Clans were temporarily disabled with SMITE Version 7.3.5945.6 on April 7, 2020. Clans returned in a limited capacity in June 2021 without the previous Clan Store, Honor Point System, Clan Leveling System, and Clan Chat available and a new lowered membership cap of 300.

General information[ | ]

Clans can be accessed by pressing the relevant button at the bottom left corner of the Main Lobby. This section contains several sub sections:

  • Listings: This section allows players to search for clans by region and join type. From this list players can also see the number of members and the level of each clan.
  • Create: This section can only be accessed while not part of a clan, it allows the player to start their own clan.
  • Home: This section acts as the front page for the clan, featuring most of the relevant information. On the top right: the clan's name, clan tag, its clan avatar and the leader's name. On the top left: the clan status message is shown. Below those two: the clan level, clan Honor and personal Honor amount are displayed along with a progress bar showing how much clan Honor is necessery to reach the next clan level. At the bottom: The current clan Quest, a progress bar for the quest, the rewards that can be earned from it and the deadline for that quest.
  • Clan Store: This section contains items purchasable with clan NewUI Clan Honor Honor.
  • Roster: This section features a list of each clan member, their account level, clan rank and status.
  • About: This section shows some basic information about the clans system in game.
  • Admin: This section is only acccessible by clan Officers and the clan Leader. It contains all options and settings necessary to manage the clan.

Joining or making a clan[ | ]

Players can either join an existing clan or create their own. To join a clan, players must go to the Listings section and then select whichever clan they wish to join and submit an application. The way to join a clan changes depending on what application settings that clan has selected:

  • Open Joining: Clans with this application setting will automatically approve all applications, letting people join the clan instantly.
  • Allows Applications: Clans with this application setting allow players to send join applications, but those applications must be approved by a clan officer or its leader before the player can join.
  • Invite Only: Clans with this application setting cannot be applied to. Instead, a clan officer or the leader must personally send an invite to the player before they can join the clan.

To create a clan, players must got to the Create section and there they must choose a unique Clan Name (there can't be two clans with the same name) and a Region for the clan. When a clan is first created, it can hold up to 30 members, but will gain the ability to add more members as the clan gains levels.

Clan ranks[ | ]

There are 4 different clan ranks a player can have:

  • Initiate: Players are automatically granted this rank when they first join a clan.
  • Member: This rank is granted by Officers or the Leader. Members can make use of the Clan Store and Clan Avatar.
  • Officer: This rank is only granted by the Leader. Officers can invite and kick Initiates and Members from the clan, and add or update the clan's status message (a message sent automatically to each member when they log into the game). If there is no longer a clan leader, the officer that has been in the clan the longest will become the new Leader.
  • Leader: This rank is initially granted to the clan's creator. Besides having the same abilities as the Officers, Leaders can assign new Officers or demote existing ones, choose a Clan Avatar (an avatar selected from the Leader's collection that other members can use even if they don't own it), and change the join type and main region of the clan. Leaders can also choose to rename the clan and pick a new Clan Tag (a small, unique tag that will appear next to each clan member's nickname), however this costs 50 Gems Gems to do.

Clan Honor[ | ]

NewUI Clan Honor Honor is a type of currency exclusive to clans. Honor (also known as Personal Honor) can be used in the Clan Store to unlock cosmetic items. There are several ways to earn honor:

  • Winning: Every time a player wins a Normal (PvP) match of any game mode, they earn 10 Honor Points. Every time a player wins a League match of any game mode, they earn 20 Honor Points.
  • Party Bonus: Playing partied with another clan member increases the number of points earned:
  • Party of 2: 1.5x
  • Party of 3: 2x
  • Party of 4: 2.5x
  • Party of 5: 3x
  • 1-Time Level Bonus: A player earns 10 Honor Points every time they gain a player level (max 300).
  • 1-Time God Mastery Bonus: A player earns a 1-Time Honor Point reward each time they gain a mastery level on a god.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 1: 20 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 2: 40 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 3: 60 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 4: 80 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 5: 100 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 6: 120 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 7: 140 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 8: 160 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 9: 180 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Mastery NewUI Rank 10: 200 NewUI Clan Honor.
  • Clearing Clan Quests

Each time a player earns Honor, their clan will also earn a separate currency called Clan Honor: a pooled currency of everyone's efforts that is used to unlock clan upgrades and features.

Clan Quests[ | ]

Every Wednesday, clans receive a special quest that all members can participate in. Clan quests can range from winning certain numbers of matches with other members to playing Ranked matches, and more. Successfully clearing these quests before the deadline will award bonus Honor for themselves and the clan.

Leaving a clan[ | ]

Players can only be a part of one clan at a time, and must leave their current clan before applying to another. Once a player has left their clan, they will retain any Honor Points earned thus far, but won't be able to start gaining Honor again until they join another one.

If a clan Leader leaves their clan without manually assigning a new Leader, the next highest ranked member who has been in the clan the longest will automatically be made the new Leader. A clan Leader who has not been online in 21 days will automatically be demoted, and a new Leader will be assigned as per the rules above.

Clan Level[ | ]

As a clan earns Honor from its members, it will gain levels. As a clan gains levels, it unlocks certain bonuses.

Social Clan Level 1 Clan Level 1: All clans start at this level. Level 1 clans can hold up to 30 members.
Social Clan Level 2 Clan Level 2: 1000 Clan Honor is needed to reach this level. Level 2 clans can hold up to 40 members.
Social Clan Level 3 Clan Level 3: 10000 Clan Honor is needed to reach this level. Level 3 clans can hold up to 50 members. The Clan Store is also unlocked at this level.
Social Clan Level 4 Clan Level 4: 25000 Clan Honor is needed to reach this level. Level 4 clans can hold up to 75 members.
Social Clan Level 5 Clan Level 5: 50000 Clan Honor is needed to reach this level. Level 5 clans can hold up to 100 members.
Social Clan Level 6 Clan Level 6: 100000 Clan Honor is needed to reach this level. Level 6 clans can hold up to 200 members.
Social Clan Level 7 Clan Level 7: 200000 Clan Honor is needed to reach this level. Level 7 clans can hold up to 400 members.
Social Clan Level 8 Clan Level 8: 400000 Clan Honor is needed to reach this level. Level 8 clans can hold up to 600 members.
Social Clan Level 9 Clan Level 9: 700000 Clan Honor is needed to reach this level. Level 9 clans can hold up to 800 members.
Social Clan Level 10 Clan Level 10: 1100000 Clan Honor is needed to reach this level. Level 10 clans can hold up to 1000 members.

Clan Store[ | ]

The Clan Store is unlocked by reaching Clan Level 3. Here, clan members can spend their personal Honor to unlock rewards and bonuses for themselves. Much like Favor Favor, when a player uses Honor to unlock something in the store, that Honor is deducted from their total. Players can't purchase things from the store without enough Honor.

Clan Treasure Chests[ | ]

Clan Treasure Chests are rolled with Honor instead of Gems. Each Chest contains a special Clan Reward Shadow Skin along with an assortment of Tier 1 skins. Players must roll each chest at least 3 times in order to be able to to roll on the next. If the player already owns all items in the chest but hasn't rolled enough times yet, they can continue rolling for 1 Day boosters.

These are the chests currently available: