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Clash was one of the Game Modes in SMITE.

Statistics[ | ]

  • Players per Team: 5
  • Starting Level: 3
  • Starting Gold: 1,500
  • Setup Time: 0:40
  • Jungle Spawn Time: 0:10
  • Gold Spooling: 6 per second
  • XP Spooling: 4 per second

Description[ | ]

Queue Clash

Clash used to be a regular mode that was removed from SMITE on January 25, 2022 with SMITE Version 9.1.6950.5. However, the game mode remains for custom matches and SMITE NIGHT.

Clash was a 5v5 casual game mode meant to be a middleground between the Conquest and Arena game modes.

The map itself featured two lanes defended by structures. The goal of each team is to push down the opponent's defenses and defeat the enemy Titan.

Players could expect to meet each other in the middle of the map which provides quick access to the major objectives, both lanes, and a central Damage (red) Buff that players would have to fight over. The layout meant players would be fighting often and in large numbers, while looking for opportunities to push down the enemy team's defenses.

Clash featured Apophis, a jungle boss exclusive to this Game Mode that provided a powerful buff when defeated.

Minimap[ | ]

ClashV4 Minimap

Jungle camps[ | ]

  • Buff ManaRegen new Baboon Mages camps: There were two of these, on the outside of each lane, composed of two Baboon Mages and one Baboon Mage Buff Holder. They spawned 10 seconds into the game and have a respawn time of 1.5 minutes (90 seconds).
  • Buff Damage new Hyena Brutes camp:  There were three of these, one at the center of the map and two in between each lane, composed of two Hyena Brutes and one Hyena Brute Buff Holder. They spawned 10 seconds into the game and have a respawn time of 2 minutes (120 seconds). Once Apophis appears, the centre Damage Buff Camp will be instantly slain and will stop respawning.
  • Camp FireGiant Apophis camp:  There was one of these, at the center of the map. It spawned 15 minutes into the game and has a respawn time of 5 minutes (300 seconds). Once it spawned, anyone and anything inside the camp would take 1000 damage.

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Hitting one of the pharaoh statues scattered across the map with a basic attack will cause it to glow and a sound cue will play. Activating all 5 pharaoh statues will cause a burst of light with Ra's glyph to appear on the pyramid behind chaos' spawn.
  • On the center camp, statues of Anubis and Thoth can be seen looking across from each other.