Season 4 Clash Map Edit

Nestled between pyramids and the ancient sphinx, the Gods have found a new battleground: Clash. This overwhelmingly popular 5v5 mode sits between Arena and Conquest in terms of complexity, bringing both constant action and an accessible form of MOBA strategy. Fight Apophis, the Chaos Serpent, and experience a new style of buff camps in the new Clash today!

Though the design of Clash was inspired by our Greek Clash map, the art style is all new. Egyptian architecture and statues set the stage for a world inhabited by all-new minions, Phoenixes, and Titans – explore it today!

Map Layout Edit

Minimap Clash

The map itself features two lanes with the familiar structures like Towers, Phoenixes, and Titans, with the goal of each team to push down the opponent’s defenses and defeat the enemy Titan.

Players can expect to meet each other in the middle of the map which provides quick access to both lanes, and a central Attack Power (red) Buff that players will have to fight over. The layout means players will be fighting often and in large numbers, while looking for opportunities to push down the enemy team’s defenses.

Jungle Buffs Edit

The Red and Blue Buff camps now evolve as the match progresses, becoming more difficult – and their buffs become more powerful. A second Blue Buff camp has been added to Clash as well, replacing the Harpies camp.

The Red buff gets replaced 10 minutes in by Apophis: A giant snake, made out of slate, standing 30 feet tall. He emerges from the sand, causing destruction and chaos. Can you defeat this new boss of Clash?

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