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Closed Beta Chest
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Cost: 400 Gems.png
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Release Date: March 25, 2018

The Closed Beta Chest is one of the treasure chests in SMITE.


Each Closed Beta chest has a chance of unlocking one of the items displayed or a normal or exclusive skin.


Cool Cat Anhur Duke dan de Lyons Anhur Royal Fury Anhur Star Lancer Anhur Abyssal Knight Ares Fernando Ares Hired Gun Ares Oni Guardian Ares Primal Steel Ares Soldier of Fortune Ares Spectral Sword Ares Blobchus Bacchus Drunkyard Bacchus Evil Spirits Bacchus Father Chrishmash Bacchus Hoot 'n Holler Bacchus Super Chill Bacchus Sushi Neko Bacchus The King Bacchus Feaster Bunny Bakasura Laughing Skull Bakasura Shadow Eater Bakasura Bizzy B Cupid Deadnaut Cupid Gadget Goblin Cupid Guttersniper Cupid Lil' Devil Cupid Lucky Baby Fuwa Cupid Mighty Mage Cupid Trick or Treat Cupid All for One! Freya Get Served Freya Lady of the Lake Freya Ordo Aurora Freya Pixel Buster Freya Bundle Witching Hour Freya Grim Horseman Guan Yu The Shadow Guan Yu Cosmic Conqueror Hercules Hunkules Hercules La Roca Hercules Road Rebel Hercules Techno Titan Hercules Dashing Deceiver Loki Grim Mariachi Loki Headless Norseman Loki Loki Charms Loki White Death Loki Barbarian Thor Brimstone Demon Thor Dawn Defender Thor Gladiator Thor Pixel Hammer Thor Thunderfang Thor Violet Lord Thor Fire Dancer Xbalanque Fun-Pocalypse Xbalanque Jaguar Footballer Xbalanque Jag.RAR Xbalanque Titanium Tracker Xbalanque

  • Pixel Buster Freya Bundle:
Pixel Buster Freya "Pixel Buster" Freya
8 Bit Level-Up Skin "8 Bit" Level-Up Skin


Olympian Anhur Diamond Sword Ares Primal Fire Ares Brynhildr Bacchus Sashimi Neko Bacchus Death Machine Bakasura Lil' Devil Cupid Frost Maiden Freya Master Guan Fu Guan Yu Grand Slam Hercules Grim End Hercules Infiltrator Loki Joki Loki Blood Eagle Thor Heavy Metal Thor Shinobalanque Xbalanque

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