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ColorForge: Worlds Collide was an event in SMITE to celebrate the introduction of Bake Kujira . It began on November 14, 2023 and ended on February 20, 2024.

It features skins for the following gods: Poseidon, Thanatos, Baron Samedi and Heimdallr.

Description[ | ]

Welcome to the ColorForge Event![ | ]

Choose your own skin color pattern with these NEW Skins! Purchase ColorForge Skins directly or try rolling for them in the ColorForge Bonus Chest. Each ColorForge Skin will come with its own set of colors! Color Patterns are new cosmetic items and can only be equipped on ColorForge Skins! On initial release the bundles will cost 900 Gems Gems.

There are multiple ways to collect ColorForge skins! Purchasing 2 or more ColorForge Skins will grant you another pattern set and purchasing all will grant you a ColorForge bundle! Check your achievements page and the Quest Tab to see what kind of color patterns you can quest for!

The ColorForge event has a "Buy All" option which provides a discount of 16% for a total of 2500 Gems Gems.

Individually made purchases will discount the "Buy All" option cost by the value of the previously purchased skin equal to 900 Gems Gems per previously purchased bundle.

Colorforge Cosmetic Items[ | ]

These are the items that are available during the event. Each bundle costs 1500 Gems Gems to unlock.

Unlockable[ | ]

Bundles[ | ]

Intergalactic Harvester
Icon Type Release Date Description
T Thanatos IntergalacticHarvester Icon God Skin November 14, 2023 An exclusive skin for Thanatos. It has custom animations and ability effects, and custom voicelines.


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Icon Type Release Date Description
LoadingFrame Coolseidon Loading Frame November 14, 2023 An exclusive loading frame.


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Rotten Rascal
Icon Type Release Date Description
T BaronSamedi RottenRascal Icon God Skin November 28, 2023 An exclusive skin for Baron Samedi. It has custom animations and ability effects, and custom voicelines.


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Worlds Collide
Icon Type Release Date Description
File:MusicTheme WorldsCollide.png Music Theme November 28, 2023 An exclusive music theme.


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Wacky Slappy
Icon Type Release Date Description
T Heimdallr WhackySlappy Icon God Skin December 12, 2023 An exclusive skin for Heimdallr. It has custom animations and ability effects, and custom voicelines.


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Icon Type Release Date Description
File:JumpStamp Uniballoon Icon.png Jump Stamp December 12, 2023 An exclusive Jump Stamp.


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Collection Reward[ | ]

Icon Type Release Date Description
T Poseidon Coolseidon Icon God Skin November 14, 2023 An Unlimited skin for Poseidon. It has custom animations and ability effects, and custom voicelines. Also comes with a Jump Stamp and a Recall Skin.


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Rubber Ducky
Icon Type Release Date Description
Recall RubberDucky Recall Skin November 14, 2023 An exclusive recall skin.


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Kiddie Pool
Icon Type Release Date Description
JumpStamp KiddiePool Jump Stamp November 14, 2023 An exclusive jump stamp.


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Quests[ | ]

Play 3 games each week to earn ColorForge Chests! If you miss completing the quest in a week, you will miss the reward. Players will have to return to the quest page to earn rewards, including the free Little Charmer Cupid Skin!

Free Quest Reward[ | ]

Little Charmer
Icon Type Release Date Description
T Cupid LittleCharmer Icon God Skin June 13, 2023 An Exclusive skin for Cupid. It has custom animations and ability effects, and custom voicelines


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Lore[ | ]

Chapter 1: Fire And Ice[ | ]

Surtr sat on the steps of the Temple of Zeus, his sword balanced across his knees. He stared at the darkening sky while his hands kept busy running a whetstone across the ancient blade. Every scrape sent a cascade of spark dancing down the steps. He found the rhythm of it soothing. Repetition; the cycle of stone against blade; metal against fire.

It was simple. The way the world had once been. The way it would be again, after he was finished. From the temple came an agonized bellow as Ymir continued to struggle against his fate. The Furies were torturing the giant, trying to force him to release the shard of the Fimbulvetr within in. As Surtr was a spark of the last great fire, s too was Ymir a flake of the first awful winter. Once the latter had been released, Surtr would loose the fire within him and the two forces would crash into one another and tear the world apart.

Or so he hoped. The truth was, he did not know. Not for certain. He knew only that his fire was nos longer strong enough to burn the world by itself. But between fire and ice, the cycle would come at last to its long-delayed conclusion. And afterwards... what? An age of monsters? Of news gods? News stories? Or merely the same tales repeated again, varying only in the most insignificant of way?

The thought didn't bring him the pleasure that it used to. He was doubting himself; Jormungandr's fault, he knew. The serpent had leaked poisonous uncertainly into his mind, made him second-guess himself and the path he was on. But that didn't mean this old ally was wrong. He pushed the thought aside and concentrated on the slow scrape of stone one steel.

Scrape. Spark. Scrape. Spark.

He heard the clatter of chitinous claws on stone. "What is it, Arachne?" he asked, without turning his attention from his task. "They are coming," Arachne said, with something that might have been satisfaction.

Surtr paused. "The gods?"


"All of them?" He tried to keep the eagerness from his voice. It would be fitting if the gods came against him as one, just as the Fimbulbetr was released. Reminiscent of the bygone days.

"No. Only Maui and the others."

"Three gods, then. Or is it four, now?" Martichoras had come limping home, shamefaced and growling about Maman Brigitte. Surtr was not a believer in coincidence. Four gods opposed his designs, coming to rescue a fifth. He knew why -- they thought to use Ymir against him... ice against fire. A good plan; solid. But ultimately doomed to fail."It does not matter. We are ready for them. Your spies..."

"My spies will alert us, if they see them. But they are cunning, these four. We need more than spies. We must ring this temple with guards -- a web of steel and fang to entrap them if they dare approach."

Surtr gestured dismissively. "Do as you think best."

"As you say, my king," Arachne murmured. She scuttled away and Surtr turned back to his work. In moments, he has already all but forgotten her worries. His head was full of fire and smoke. It was hard to think of anything else, of late. Thus, when someone sat down beside him some time later, he found himself surprised.

"I think it's sharp enough", Maui said.

Surtr blinked. He looked down at the god sitting beside him. "Maui," he said, in puzzlement. "What do you think you are doing, little trickster?" It seemed Arachne's worries had not been overblown. Surtr wondered if he ought to apologize.

"Making conversation," Maui said. He leaned back and surveyed the temple grounds. "Have you redecorated since the last time?"

"Are you mad?" Surtr asked, bluntly.

"As in upset? Somewhat," Maui said.

"No, as in insane. To come here, to face me alone..." Surtr paused. "Ah. The others?"

Maui smiled. "I'm sure they're somewhere." He sat up and leaned forward. "The Greeks do love their temples, don't they? All this stone and pomposity -- I'll never understand it, if I'm being honest."

Surtr paused, bemused. He couldn't recall the last time he'd had a conversation with a god. Hela, possibly; or maybe Loki. "I have never understood it either. It seems a waste of good stone, to me. Then, mortals are funny creatures."

"Yes," Maui said. "They do not deserve you hate.'

Surtr grimaced. "I do not hate them. I hate the gods. The mortals are merely... collateral damage in our war."

"Your war", Maui corrected.

"Ours," Surtr replied. "You are a god. The gods have broken the cycle. Now I will repair it. That is my duty and my privilege." He set his whetstone aside and raised his sword. It gleamed weirdly in the sunlight.

"I keep hearing about this cycle, and how it was broken, and it seems to me that if it is that important, we wouldn't have been able to break it," Maui said, idly. "Or maybe it's not broken at all. Maybe is just changed. The way the islands sometime change as the seas rise and fall. The way the course of rivers will shift over time." He gave Surtr a sly glance. "Have you ever considered that?"

Surtr hesitated. "You are trying to distract me. I should call of my soldiers, and send you back to the underworld."

"Then why haven't you?"

Surtr stared at him, unable to come up with ans answer. Maui smiled. Not in triumph, but in simple satisfaction. "I'm told Tiamat wanted to remake the world as well. I wonder why she chose not to?"

"The gods..." Surtr began, but the words felt false. Tiamat was stronger than any god; stronger than most pantheons. If she'd stopped, it hadn't been due to force. The doubt he'd felt earlier came back three-fold.

Maui made to reply when suddenly, Arachne was there, pouncing on him and bearing him down the steps. Surtr lurched to his feet in surprise as the two rolled across the ground. Arachne snarled and tried to bite Maui on the throat, but he managed to interpose his hook at the last moment. She reared back and Maui managed the slither away from her. She hissed and glanced at Surtr. "What are you doing, just standing there? Help me!"

Surtr frowned at her tone, but didn't chastise her. She was right to be angry. He had been startled by Maui's presence, that he'd almost allowed the god to talk with him into doubting his sacred mission. For that, Maui deserved worse than being consigned to the underworld. He deserved to be burned from the weaves of fate entirely.

Surtr's sword burst into flames as he descended the steps. At his roar, the temple complex came alive with the sound of monsters. Maui lifted his hook and looked around in consternation as the ground began to rumble with the thread of many hooves and claws. "Well," he said, "Guess we do this the hard way, then..."

Within the temple of Zeus, Ix Chel paused, listening to the commotion outside. "It seems as if Maui is better at playing the distraction than we imagined," she said, in a low voice. Her staff pulsed slightly as she continued to weave the light around them, bending it so that she and the others were invisible to the eyes of their foes. It was the only way they'd managed to sneak into the camp of their enemy without being spotted. Arachne's spies had been everywhere, not to mention the monsters prowling about the ruins of Olympia.

Maman Brigitte gave a low laugh. "He always did know how to crash a party." She peered around the side of a pillar, and waved the others forward. Charon brought up the rear, looking disgruntled -- if a skeleton could be said to look disgruntled.

"I still do not understand why I had to leave my craft behind," he murmured. "It is as silent as a shadow."

"But more difficult to hide," Ix Chel said. "It is hard enough to keep the three of us out of sight. When the time comes, you may ply your oar as much as you wish. Until then, keep your voice down and your eyes open. We are surrounded by foes."

Charon grunted, but didn't argue. Ix Chel sighed in relief. The temple was full of monsters; satyrs and centaurs galloped through the corridors and harpies nested atop the roof. The statues of the gods had been toppled and there were signs of desecration everywhere. There was no telling exactly where they were keeping Ymir -- but his bellows of agony were easy enough to follow.

Maui's plan had been a simple one: while he distracted Surtr and the rest of their foes, Ix Chel and the others would free Ymir, and then go to Maui's aid. After that... well. Maui seemed convinced that could win. Ix Chel wasn't so certain, not after how easily they'd been dispatched by Surtr before. Nonetheless, they would try.

She paused, and some instinct compelled her to look up. She hissed in disgust, her threads of light momentarily wavering. The ceiling above was shrouded in leathery shapes -- bats. Hundreds of them, and one larger than the rest. "Camazotz," she growled, softly. Charon and Maman Brigitte followed her gaze. As they did, Camazotz' head twisted around and he peered down.

"Think he heard you?" Maman Brigitte muttered. Camazotz shrieked and dropped from the ceiling, accompanied by a swarm of giants bats. "Guess so", Maman Brigitte shouted, reaching for her bottle of rum. Ix Chel cursed and thrust her staff toward the descending creatures. Rainbow light exploded upwards, scattering the startled bats in all directions. Blinded, Camazotz continued his dive, but Charon's oar was there to meet him. The blow sent the bat creature spiraling into a pillar and the stones split at the impact. Camazotz slumped, dazed. But the damage was done.

The roaring of monsters filled the temple, nearly drowning out Ymir's bellowing. Ix Chel looked at the others. "We must find Ymir. Hurry".

Thankfully, it didn't take long. Ymir was in the central chamber of the temple, caught fast in a web of chains that stretched to either wall, as well as the floor and the ceiling. The giant struggled against his restraints, as well as against the attentions of the trio of Furies who tormented him. The creatures whirled at the sudden appearance of Ix Chel and the others, and before they had time to do more than shriek, the two gods sent the Furies crashing to the floor of the temple, unconscious.

Charon looked up at the web of chains in consternation. "The bindings are magic," he said, in disgust. Maman Brigitte nodded.

"Painful too, from the look of them."

Ymir glared down at them. "Wh you?" he growled.

"Your salvation," Ix Chel said. She raised her staff. Light speared forth, towards the nearest knot of chains -- but the links remained intact. She frowned. "The chains are too strong. I cannot break them."

"Perhaps a simpler method," Charon murmured. He stepped forward and thrust the butt of his oar through the nearest link. Then, with a grunt, he began to twist the oar around in a circle. The chain link creaked, but remained unbroken. Charon looked down at it in consternation. "My oar is strong enough to shatter time itself..."

"Chains stronger," Ymir grunted. He touched a length of chain, showing them the coating of frost on the links. "Can't break them. Can't freeze them."

A moment latere, a coil of chain clattered to the floor. Ix Chel and Charon looked up and see Maman Brigitte crouched atop of Ymir's back, a knife in her hand. "Even unbreakable chains have lock," she said, grinning. "I just picked them."

Ix Chel and Charon exchanged a look and then turned as one, as a pack of Satyrs spilled into the chamber, howling. Ymir straightened up, shrugging off the last of the chains. The Satyrs froze, staring up at the freed giant in fear. They began to edge backward, murmuring amongst themselves.

Ix Chel looked up at Ymir. "How do you feel?"

Ymir craked his knuckles. "Angry."

Ix Chel smiled and gripped her staff. "Good."

Chapter 2: Fimbulvetr[ | ]

Maui looked around at the monsters surrounding him. “Can we talk about this?”

“Take him,” Arachne spat. At her cry, the gathered monsters lunged forward. There were larger forms among them - Martichoras, circling overhead, and Fenrir prowling in the rear, both waiting for an opening to attack. And a immense serpentine shape he thought must be Jormungandr was watching from afar, as if content to leave the fighting to others.

Maui gripped his hook by its rope and slung it out in a wide arc, knocking several leaping satyrs sprawling and sending a harpy careening into a pillar. But more beasts pressed forward, closing in on him from all sides, and Surtr was among them now, his eyes burning with hatred, and his sword gleaming like the sun.

Maui had thought - had hoped - that he might have been able to get through to Surtr, just for a moment there. But that moment had clearly passed, and the giant looked more intent than ever on ending the world. He hoped the others had succeeded, at least.

“I will bring the fire,” Surtr roared. “I will set right all that has gone wrong and free us all from the chains of fate!” His sword crashed down, forcing Maui to scramble aside, and scattering the nearest monsters. The giant was as quick as fire.

“But don’t you see - those chains have already been broken,” Maui said, retreating before Surtr’s advance. He backed towards the temple of Zeus. “The cycle is undone; what was is finished, and what will be is unknown, even to Odin and the others.” He spoke quickly, trying to get the words out before Surtr sent him back to the underworld.

“Then why did they bind me?” Surtr snarled. “Why did they torture me?” He swung his sword down at Maui again, but it was stopped by an icy club interposed between them.

“They were frightened,” Ymir rumbled. He shoved the other giant back, and Surtr staggered. Maui spied Ix Chel, Charon and Maman Brigitte coming down the steps of the temple. They looked as if they had been a fight, and he saw that Ix Chel was dragging the dazed form of Camazotz behind her. She left the bat-creature flop limply on the steps as she met Maui’s gaze and nodded.

Surtr glanced at the newcomers, and then back at Ymir. “Frightened? Yes. Of me.”

Ymir shook his head. “No. Too many endings. Wanted something different.”

“And I will give it to them,” Surtr said, raising his sword. “Join me, cousin. Together, we might -“

“No,” Ymir said, simply. Surtr stared at him. Then, with a great cry, he lunged. Ymir met him, and the two giants crashed together with earth-shaking force. Nearby pillars cracked and collapsed as monsters fled in all directions, trying to escape the destruction. Ix Chel and the others leapt down to join the fray.

Something told him that they wouldn’t be enough. Even with Ymir’s help. He heard a sound and looked up to see a pair of ravens circling overhead. The pantheons were watching; waiting to see if he could do as he’d promised Odin.

The thought was driven from his mind when an arrow skidded across his shoulder, bringing with it a flare of pain. He glanced back and saw Medusa slithering towards him, already reaching for another arrow.

“Pathetic,” Arachne said, as she took advantage of his distraction and pounced. Maui was borne to the ground by the weight of her spider-body, and his hook flew from his hand. “You gods are so convinced of your righteousness that you cannot see the true horror of your actions. You accuse us of harming mortals - I was mortal, once. So was Medusa. Where is our justice? Who defended us?”

She lunged as if to bite him, and he caught her by the throat. “You’re right,” Maui said, as he shoved her off of him. Arachne rolled away, hissing. “The gods have make mistakes. But from what I have learned, enacting this cycle of Surtr’s only allows the gods to repeat their errors ad nauseum. That is why they are trying to avoid it - so that they do not make the same mistakes again!” He sprang to his feet and caught up his hook, deftly swatting Medusa’s next arrow from the air.

Medusa sidled around him, drawing a third arrow from her quiver. She said nothing, but her eyes spoke volumes. Maui knew better than to meet that dreadful gaze, and kept his eyes averted. Arachne was up again as well, and the gorgon and the spider moved to catch him between them. He backed away, trying to keep them both in sight.

Past Arachne, he saw the others struggling against their own opponents. Ix Chel raised her staff, filling the air with colored light and setting the monsters nearby to fleeing. Maman Brigitte laughed gaily as she darted beneath Martichoras’ scorpion stinger, and spewed fiery rum in the manticore king’s face. Charon, reunited with his boat, swooped above the fray, Fenrir clinging to its keel.

More than that, he was Ymir and Surtr’s battle had become a stalemate. The giants were too easily matched; neither could defeat the other, but their clash was having an effect on their surrounding… the grass of the temple grounds was aflame, and frost covered the stones making them brittle and easily shattered. And it was spreading… the frost was creeping over the outer edges of the temple grounds now, and the flames, well. Fires spread, that was what they did best.

Arachne laughed, as if reading his thoughts. “Yes. One way or another, it begins here… and ends.”

Maui ignored her. There had to be a way to stop what was happening, before it went too far. Surtr was the key; without him, his army would be disperse. The plan hadn’t been just to free Ymir. The way Maui saw it, defeating Surtr didn’t solve the underlying problem. Rebinding Surtr would just lead to him breaking out later. No, they needed to make Surtr see that he had a choice now.

But to do that, they needed to talk to him - to make him see sense… and there was no way to do that whil they were busy fighting Surtr’s allies. He ducked aside as Medusa lossed another arrow at him. Arachne tensed, ready to leap. Maui prepared himself - and then caught sight of Jormungandr.

The World Serpent loomed over the temple, seemingly in no hurry to join the fray. That struck him as odd. Then, according to Charon, Jormungandr had ended the world a few times himself. Perhaps he’d lost his taste for destruction. Maybe -

Arachne leapt and Maui dodged aside and hurled his hook towards the pillar nearest Jormungandr. He swung himself away from his startled opponents and landed lightly before the World Serpent. “Ho, Jormungandr! Not taking sides?”

“Not in this,” Jormungandr said, encircling him and handily preventing Arachne and Medusa from pursuing. Maui wondered if it had been intentional. “Surtr is wrong. But not about everything. The gods deserve punishment… but I have come to believe that the world should not be destroyed for their folly.” He rose up and studied Maui. “So what was your plan, trickster?” How did you intend to defeat him?”

Maui swallowed. “Actually, I was hoping to talk him of the whole destroying the world thing. Any help could provide in that regard would be… welcomed?”

“Is that a question?” Jormungandr sounded amused.

“More in the way of a vain hope,” Maui admitted. Jormungandr laughed. The sound was so sudden, and so awful that it brought the battle to a standstill as all ayes turned towards Maui and the World Serpent.

“Not quite that,” Jormungandr said, and turned. Part of him rose and fell with a crash, separating Surtr and Ymir. The giants dodged back to avoid the falling coils.

“What is the meaning of this?” Surtr roared.

“The time for battle is done,” Jormungandr said. Fenrir growled and made to speak, but Jormungandr silenced him with a look. “Quit, brother. I am eldest her, and I will be heard. The fight is done, at least for now.”

“Who are you to decide that?” Arachne shouted. Jormungandr glanced at her, even as he coiled himself about the gods and Surtr, separating them from Surtr’s forces.

“I am a breaker of worlds no less than he, and it is my privilege to say that this world remain unbroken for a few moments more.” He looked at Surtr. “Listen to them, old friend. There might be another route to victory… one that sees all of us survive.”

Surtr hesitated, and for a moment, Maui feared he might renew hostilities. Then the giant sighed and said, “Very well. I will hear them out.” He looked at Maui. “Speak, then. What do you have to say to me that has not already been said?”

“Nothing,” Mauid said. He paused, gathering his thoughts. The next few moments were pivotal. Overhead, the ravens had settled atop the temple of Zeus, and were watching intently. Maui knew that if he failed, the pantheons would launch an attack… one that would undoubtedly end in the destruction of the world. “Nothing. Because I was said before is the truth. Maybe the cycle has changed. Maybe you do not have to do this. At least not this way.” Maui glanced at Ix Chel, who nodded.

As Maui had hoped, Surtr hesitated at his words. “What do you mean?”

“Fire does not always destroy,” Ix Chel said, picking up the thread. “It burns, yes - cleanses. But it does so to make way for new growth. If you consume the world, nothing will grow. What rises from the ashes will be but a ghost of what was.”

“She right,” Ymir rumbled. “Cycle is broken, yes. But perhaps is good thing. Gods learn nothing if world ends. No one learns anything and it all happens again.”

Charon thumped the ground with the end of his oar. “Hades once tried to do as you are doing. To force an ending, so that he might profit from it. He failed, and his failure still reverberates. But in failing, he may have saved the gods from their ultimate fate.”

Surtr stared at the Ferryman, then turned his burning gaze on Maman Brigitte. “Well? What do you have to say about it?”

She shrugged. “Nothing really, save that it seems like a waste of time to me. Why tear it all down when you can enjoy it for what it is?” She took a swig of rum. “Why fight, when you can have fun instead?”

“Fun?” Surtr said. “I would not call dying over and over again fun.” But he sounded thoughtful, rather than angry. Maybe they had a chance after all. Maui took a deep breath, and said, “So don’t”.

Surtr paused. “What?”

“There’s a third option. One you have’nt considered.”

Surtr studied him. “Tiamat.”

Maui nodded. That Surtr had made the connection so quickly was a good thing. It meant he’d been thinking about it. “Live in peace with the pantheons, if not harmony. They will abide by your borders, if you abide theirs.”

“Muspelheim,” Surtr murmured, lowering his sword. “They would allow me to return there? To my people, to my kingdom?”

“They would,” Maui said, glancing up at the watching ravens. The idea had come to him only recently, but he was fairly certain he could talk Odin and the others into it. “They have no choice, not if they want to keep the world in one piece for a while longer.” He looked back at Surtr. “I tell you this… put aside your anger, and demand fair recompense, and I will stand with you.”

“As will I,” Ix Chel said.

“And I,” Ymir said. Charon nodded and Maman Brigitte blew smoke into the air. Whether she agreed or not, Maui couldn’t say, but he thought she did. She and the others of her pantheon frowned on Odin’s tricks.

“You cannot trust them,” Arachne said, making as if to vault Jormungandr’s bulk. “They lie! The gods always lie!”

“Some gods lie, it is true,” Maui allowed. “But not all of them. Not me. Not know.” He held out his hand. “The cycle is done, once and for all. Let us banish its memory and move forward.” He allowed himself a small smile. “Let’s forget the old mistakes and make some new ones, shall we?”

Surtr looked down at him for long moments. Then, with a sigh, he sheathed his great blade and took Maui’s hand in his own. “To new mistakes, then,” he said. “But if the gods play me false, I will take your head in recompense.”

“Seems fair,” Maui said. He paused. There was something in the sky - not a harpy or manticore or fury, but something else. Something much, much larger. It resembled a whale… or rather, the remains of one.

A great, bleached skeleton, swimming silently through the air above them, accompanied by a flock of strange, unsightly birds. The newcomer paid them no heed, but as its shadow fell across the temple grounds, Maui felt a prickle of unease. He glanced at Surtr. “That’s not one of yours, is it?”

“No,” Surtr said, staring at the apparition. “I have never seen such a creature.”

Maman Brigitte cursed softly, and stoppered her rum. “Bake-kujira,” she said, her amusement turned sour. “The ghost-whale.”

“What exactly is a ghost-whale?” Ix Chel asked.

“A bad omen”, Charon supplied. “A sign of misfortune to come.”

Maui sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Oh, that’s just wonderful.”