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This is a list of Common Terms used in SMITE, as well as many other MOBA games.

General terms[ | ]

Term Definition
ADC Attack Damage Carry. A term generated from other MOBAs, generally used to speak about Hunters, gold and item dependent gods that can be quite dangerous at later stages of the game.
ARAM All Random, All Mid. A mode where players have their character chosen automatically by the game, where only the middle lane is available. In SMITE this usually refers to the Assault game mode.
Autoattack A term used in other MOBAs to refer to Basic Attacks. In most other MOBAs basic attacks are auto aimed and auto fired after selecting a target, while in SMITE basic attacks are skillshots that must be aimed manually.
Aura A passive effect that applies possitive or negative effects to units within a radius from the aura's source.
B Back, meaning return or move back to the base. Retreat.
Basic Attack Power A term used in ability descriptions to signify that the skill scales off the god's current basic attack damage rather than physical or magical power.
BDK Bull Demon King, a Jungle boss in Joust.
Booster Something that increases out-of-match rewards such as favor and worshipers gained.
Care Be careful. A request that someone or lane plays cautiously, generally used when an enemy is in the Jungle or missing.
Carry To bring your own team to victory, usually by dealing large amounts of damage and acquiring many kills. It is also one of the roles.
CC Crowd Control.
CD Cooldown. Usually in reference to a skill being on cooldown. Abilities cannot be used while they are on cooldown.
Creeps See "Minions".
D Defend. Protect a place on the map, an objective or another player.
Dash A type of movement ability that causes the god to move to a certain distance in a specific direction, usually forward, stopping upon colliding with a wall or obstable.
Deicide When all players on a team are killed at the same time.
Def Defend.
DoT Damage over Time. These are negative effects that deal ticks of damage over a duration.
Execute An effect applied by some abilities. Gods or units hit by this kind of abilities will be instantly killed if they are below an specific health threshold.
Farm Farming is the act of eliminating minions to gain gold. "High farm" would refer to earning gold at a higher rate than other players.
Favor An out-of-match currency mainly used to unlock gods.
Feed When you die repeatedly to enemy players, "feeding" them gold and experience and giving them the upper hand. Getting "fed" means that one or more enemy players are giving you a lot of (generally easy) kills, giving you a greater advantage over them.
FG Fire Giant, a Jungle boss in Conquest.
Focus Direct all attacks to a single target.
FoW Fog of War. This is the term used to describe the areas in the map where players have limited line of sight.
Gank To attack an enemy by surprise while they are off guard in hopes of getting a kill on them. Typically pertains to gods from other lanes or the jungler.
Gems An out-of-match premium currency mainly used to unlock cosmetic items.
Geometry Generally reffers to map walls, regions where players normally can't move through.
GF Gold Fury, a Jungle boss in Conquest.
GG Good game.
GL Good luck.
God The term used by this game to refer to any of the playable character (They don't necessary have to be gods in their original myths).
Gold The currency gained during matches that's used to purchase items.
Harass Attacking enemy gods while in laning phase, in order to bring their health down to set up a kill or force them out of the lane.
HoG Hand of the Gods, a consumable item used to damage neutral jungle camps.
HP Hit points. Can be used to quickly tell someone you are low on health or have no health to fight.
Immunity Frame A brief period of time during certain actions or abilities where the god or unit becomes untargetable, potentially making them immune to incoming attacks.
Invade To attempt to enter the enemy side of the jungle to contest an objective that the enemy team is currently trying to get.
Item Objects that gods can buy with gold to empower their attacks, abilities, defense, etc.
Juke Dodging enemy attacks, and getting out of their line of sight.
KS Kill steal / Kill stolen / Kill secured.
Leap A type of movement ability that causes the god to jump up into the air (or sometimes down into the ground) to land on a target location, and is usually able to go over walls and obstacles.
LoS Line of Sight, the area that a team can see. Hostile units beyond the line of sight won't be visible until they are closer.
MIA Missing In Action. Generally used to signal that someone in the enemy team is unaccounted for.
Minions Monsters not controlled by players that are spawned near the Phoenixes.
Miss Missing from lane. Similar to MIA.
OOM Out of mana. Without enough mana, most gods are unable to use their abilities.
OP Overpowered, or stronger than meant to be.
Peel Using Crowd Control and/or damage to force an enemy away from an ally.
Pet Player deployed units, usually created by god abilities.
Poke See "Harass".
Post-fire The amount of time after using an ability before any other action can be taken.
Push Pertaining to moving down a lane and attacking/destroying structures.
Re Returned to lane.
Roam Roaming is the act of leaving a lane and moving around the map looking for opportunities to gank or take objectives.
Skillshot An attack that must be aimed manually to fire them. Most abilities and basic attacks in SMITE are skillshots.
SS An abbreviation of Missing. Has a similar purpose to MIA.
Stealth An effect that allows units to become invisible to their opponents for a duration.
Sustain Also known as Self Sustain, is a god's ability to recover Health and/or Mana, generally without the aid of items.
Teleport A type of movement ability that causes the god instantly move to their target location, and is usually able to go through walls and obstacles.
True Sight A perk that most Structures have that allows them to see stealthed units.
Ult Ultimate ability, the 4th ability that is usually unlocked at level 5.
UP Underpowered, or weaker than meant to be.
VGS Voice Guided System, a system of pre-recorded messages players can use to quickly communicate without typing.
Wards A type of consumable items that, once deployed, grants vision in an area around them without the need of any friendly unit or god to be present.
Worshipers A measurement unit for how much a god has been played. More worshippers means more time spent playing with them.
Zoning Using abilities against enemies to make it more dangerous to approach. This is used when trying to deny their farm and/or from getting near an objective being taken.

Stats[ | ]

Term Definition
AD Attack Damage, a term used in other MOBAs that represents a stat that does not exist in SMITE. The closest alternative is Physical Power.
AP Ability Power, a term used in other MOBAs that represents a stat that does not exist in SMITE. The closest alternative is Magical Power.
CCR Crowd Control Reduction.
CDR Cooldown Reduction.
PP Physical Power, the main stat of Physical Gods.
MP Magical Power, the main stat of Magical Gods.
Health This stat defines a god's maximum Hit Points. At 0 Health they will die.
Mana Mana is a resource used to cast abilities. Abilities can't be cast without enough mana.

Areas of the Map[ | ]

Term Definition
Mid Middle Lane.
Left Left Lane.
Right Right Lane.
Short Or Solo Lane Lane with enemy and allied towers closest to each other.
Long Or Duo Lane Lane with enemy and allied towers furthest from each other.
Jungle Area in between lanes that contains neutral monsters which grant buffs.
Base Generally defined as the area that surrounds the Titans.
Fountain Area in which you spawn. Enemies standing in them will take heavy damage, while allies will have their health and mana restored.

Ability Descriptors[ | ]

Term Definition
Active These are abilities that must be cast for an effect to happen.
AoE Area of Effect. These are abilities that will affect the chosen area. They do not have to be "tied" to the God that cast them.
Channeled These are abilities that a god must keep on casting for them to remain active and may or may not prohibit the casting God from using other abilities while channeling.
Cone These are abilities that affect an angular cone of an area. They are usually "tied" to the God that casts them.
Delayed These are abilities that have a time duration before their effects take place. The time duration may occur upon casting (i.e. the ability may take time to cast) or after casting (i.e. the ability is cast and active but will take some time before it fulfills its effect).
Line These are abilities that project their effect in a straight line. They are usually "tied" to the God that casts them.
Passive These are abilities that do not need to be cast in order for their effect to happen. Passive abilities are the first slot in a God's ability set but may also appear inside of other abilities and/or interact with other abilities.

Roles[ | ]

Term Definition
Mid Player who generally stays in the middle lane (see above). Usually played by a Mage. Also known as "mid laner".
Solo Player who generally stays in the short lane (see above). Usually played by a Mage, an Assassin or a Warrior. Also known as "solo laner".
Carry Player who generally stays in the long/duo lane (see Long Lane) together with the Support (see Support). Usually played by a Hunter or a Mage. Also known as "ADC".
Support Player who generally goes to the long/duo lane (see Long Lane) together with the Carry. Usually played by a Guardian or a Warrior. Also known as "supp".
Jungler Player who supports their team by occasionally performing ganks (see Gank) and generally stays in the Jungle. Usually played by an Assassin. Also known as "jungle" or "roamer".