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This is a list of terms used in MOBA games, and Smite.

Smite Glossary of Terms

Term Definition
APAM All Pick All Mid
ARAM All Random All Mid
b Back, meaning move back to the base.
Care A request that someone or lane plays cautiously, usually when an enemy is in the jungle or missing.
Creeps Monsters that are not controlled by players. Normally refers to ones spawned at the phoenix.
CC Crowd Control
cd Cooldown, usually in reference to a skill being on cooldown.
def Defend.
d Defend.
farm Pertaining to the amount of gold that one has. "High farm" normally means lots of items or gold.
Gank Attacking an enemy hero, normally with multiple heroes and as a surprise.
HoG Hand of the Gods, ability used to damage monsters.
KS Kill steal / Kill stolen/ Kill Secured
LoS Line of Sight, the area that others can see.
MIA Missing In Action.
Miss Missing from lane.
OOM Out of mana.
HP Health points. can be used to tell someone you are low on health or have no health to fight.
OP Overpowered, or stronger than meant to be.
push Pertaining to moving down a lane and attacking/destroying buildings.
SS An abbreviation of Missing. (From the ss in miSSing.) It can also mean "Stay Safe. An enemy is missing"
re Returned to lane.
ult Ultimate skill, 4th skill that is earned at level 5.
UP Underpowered, or weaker than meant to be.


Term Definition
AP/AD Action Power or Attack Damage, refers to a Normal Attack.
MP/AP Magical Power or Ability Power, refers to a Skill Attack.


Term Definition
Focus Direct all attacks. "Focus Bakasura"
Harass Attacking enemy gods while in lane, in order to bring their health down to set up a kill.
Juke Dodging enemy attacks, and getting out of line of sight.
Gank To have someone come up in a sneaky fashion and catch an enemy off guard in hopes of getting a kill on them.

Areas of the Map

Term Definition
Mid Middle Lane
Left Left Lane
Right Right Lane
Jungle Area in between lanes that contains neutral monsters which grant buffs.