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Corrupted Bluestone
Starter CorruptedBluestone T2.png
Item Type: Starter, Offensive, Defensive, Utility
Item Tier: Tier 2
Item Tier:
Cost: 1500
Total Cost: 2200
Stats: +50 Physical Power
+150 Health
+20 HP5
+20 MP5
Active Effect:
Passive Effect: PASSIVE - Enemies hit by your damaging Abilities are corrupted, taking 75 Physical Damage over 5s and reducing their Attack Speed by 10%. (Max 2 Stacks). Each time you apply corruption you gain 10% Attack Speed and 4% increased Protections for 6s, up to a maximum of 5 stacks.
Active Cooldown:
Passive Cooldown:

Corrupted Bluestone is one of the Items in SMITE.


Tier 1 Tier 2
Starter BluestonePendant T1.png Bluestone Pendant Starter CorruptedBluestone T2.png Corrupted Bluestone



  • The damage from this item is only applied once per ability.
  • The damage is dealt 15 Physical Damage each tick, deals up to 150 physical damage and reduces up to 20% Attack Speed.
  • Applies up to 50% Attack speed and 20% Protections.