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Acquisition Coupon

The Coupon System in SMITE consists of virtual coupons that can be used to purchase Cosmetic Items at a discounted Gems Gems price. Certain purchases, promotions or treasure chest rolls will trigger a bonus coupon for the player which will be immediately activated, granting a discount or bonus on a single purchase on a certain item from the store. Players also receive coupons as level-up rewards.

Examples of possible coupons:

  • A XX% discount on a VGS Voice Pack.
  • A XX% discount on a god skin.
  • A XX% discount on the next treasure chest roll.
  • A XX% discount on a cosmetics bundle.

Unused coupons can be seen in the Rewards Center. Coupons can only be used to purchase standard cosmetics, and cannot be used to purchase exclusive/limited cosmetics. Only coupons that specifically affect cosmetic bundles can be used on them. Players can opt to not use their coupon when making a purchase. Coupons will eventually dissapear if they aren't used before their expiration date.