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Crowd Control (also called CC) is a term used in SMITE to refer to negative status effects that influence, limit or prevent the actions of the affected gods and units. Crowd control can be extremely powerful, controlling the possible outcomes of an encounter, as it forces opponents to use a smaller set of abilities/actions. Used properly, crowd control often renders an opponent nearly useless, allowing attack without fear of retaliation. In teamfights, crowd control often makes combat safer, easier, or more viable.

There are two main types of crowd-control effects: "Soft" and "Hard" Crowd Control, depending on whether or not the effect prevents the target from taking some kind of action.

List of Crowd Control effects[]

Here is a list with every type of crowd control effect along with some relevant information, sorted by type.

Soft Crowd Control[]

This type of crowd control reduces the ability or effectivity of the target's actions but does not completely prevent them from doing them.

Status Blind.png Blind[]

Blind is a soft crowd control. Gods under this effect are unable to see clearly for the duration, but won't incur any other kind of negative effect.

Status Cripple.png Cripple[]

Cripple is a soft crowd control. A crippled god is unable to use movement abilities abilities like leaps(if crippled while leaping you’re stunned), dashes, or teleports.

Icons Cliodhna A01.png Deafen[]

Deafen is a soft crowd control. A unit under this effect loses the ability to hear for the duration.

Status Root.png Root[]

Root is a soft crowd control. A rooted unit cannot walk but can use movement abilities. They will remain rooted wherever they go.

Status Slow.png Slow[]

Slow is a soft crowd control. A slowed unit has its total movement speed reduced, but is still able to walk and take any other kind of action. Slows from multiple sources stack but have diminishing returns when above 40%. The formula for calculating this is:

 Effective Slow = (Base Slow x 100) / (Base Slow + 60)

For example, a unit affected by a 50% base slow would actually suffer a 45.45% movement speed reduction. Effective slow is applied to a unit's current movement speed, not their base movement speed.

Status Vortex.png Vortex[]

Vortex is a soft crowd control. A unit under this effect is being pulled towards the center of the effect without stopping them from walking out. If the unit walks away from the center they'll move "slower" due to the constant pull effect, and the opposite is also true. Vortex may be paired with other crowd control effects such as cripple or slow that can limit the unit's escape.

Hard Crowd Control[]

This type of crowd control completely prevents the target from taking certain actions, like moving or casting abilities.

Status Banish.png Banish[]

Banish is a hard crowd control. A banished unit is temporarily removed from the game and can neither be targeted by allies nor enemies and is unable to take any action or move. They do, however, continue to take damage from damage-over-time effects.

Status Disarm.png Disarm[]

Disarm is a hard crowd control. A disarmed unit is unable to use their basic attacks.

Status Disorient.png Disorient[]

Disorient is a hard crowd control. A disoriented unit is unable to take any action and is turned to a random direction.

Status Fear.png Fear[]

Fear is a hard crowd control. A feared unit loses control and is forced to slowly run away.

Status Knockback.png Grab[]

Grab is a hard crowd control. A grabbed unit is unable to take any action and will be relocated by the caster.

Status Intoxicate.png Intoxication[]

Intoxication is a hard crowd control. An intoxicated unit has their vision distorted, they will move erratically for the duration, but will not be stopped from attacking or moving.

Status Knockback.png Knockback[]

Knockback is a hard crowd control. A knocked back unit is knocked away from the source and is be unable to perform any actions.

Status Knockback.png Knockup[]

Knockup is a hard crowd control. A knocked up unit is knocked into the air, preserving their current direction, and is unable to take any action until they land.

Status Taunt.png Madness[]

Madness is a hard crowd control. A god under this effect is forced to attack their allies or harmlessly follow the caster.

Status Mesmerize.png Mesmerize[]

Mesmerize is a hard crowd control. A mesmerized unit is unable to take any action. However, the effect will be cancelled prematurely if the unit takes any damage (excluding damage from minions).

Icons Cernunnos A04.png Polymorph[]

Polymorph is a hard crowd control. A unit under this effect is transformed into an animal for the duration, while transformed, they're slowed and unable to use abilities or basic attacks. (Polymorph does not interact with diminishing returns)

Status Knockback.png Pull[]

Pull is a hard crowd control. A unit under this effect is pulled towards the CC's source.

Status Silence.png Silence[]

Silence is a hard crowd control. A silenced unit is unable to cast abilities nor use relics and consumables.

Icons Skadi A03.png Slippery Surface[]

Slippery Surface is a hard crowd control. A unit standing on a slippery surface is slowed and loses control of their movement while sliding across. If the victim hits a wall or obstacle it will cause them to bounce away from it.

Status Stun.png Stun[]

Stun is a hard crowd control. A stunned unit is unable to move nor use their abilities and items.

Status Taunt.png Taunt[]

Taunt is a hard crowd control. A taunted unit is slowed and is forced to attack and chase the caster.

Status Intoxicate.png Tremble[]

Tremble is a hard crowd control. A trembling unit will move erratically toward the source for the duration.

Ramp-Up Crowd Control[]

This type of Crowd Control causes an affected target to be afflicted by one of the previously listed crowd control effects that increases in intensity over its duration. For example, Chronos' Stop Time ability will lower the target's attack and movement speed until they are stunned. The effect will be considered the same type of Crowd Control as the one applied at the end for gameplay purposes and for crowd control cleansing effects (meaning that while slow preventing effects won't affect a ramp-up stun, hard CC immunity will).

Crowd Control Items[]

There are some items that can allow the use of certain soft and hard crowd control effects.

  • This relic and its upgrades will slow enemy gods within a radius for the duration.
  • This relic will tremble enemies when dealt a percentage of their max. health
  • This relic will slow enemies within a radius upon teleporting.
  • This relic will root enemies around it's owner for a duartion.
  • This relic will knock back enemies that come within a range to allies affected.
  • This starter item will slow enemies hit if the owner has not dealt or taken damage for a duartion.
  • This glyph item will allow it's owner's next basic attack to silence the target for a duration.
  • This glyph item will cause its owner's critical hits to apply a poison that slows their target's movement speed for a short duration.
  • This passive item will cause its owner's basic attacks to slow their target's movement speed.
  • This passive item will cause its owner's damaging abilities to apply a slow for a short duration.
  • If the owner of this item reaches a certain percentage of their maximum health or less, this item will unleash a shockwave that stuns all targets within a radius.
  • If the owner of this item takes Magical Damage from an enemy ability, this item will unleash a shockwave that silences all enemies within a radius.
  • Enemies that successfully land basic attacks on the owner have their Movement Speed and Attack Speed reduced for a short duration. This effect can stack up to 3 times and can stack with other item slow effects.

Crowd Control Reduction[]

There are several means of reducing the effectivity of crowd control effects or even nullifying them entirely. Some god abilities provide a temporary immunity to some or all of them, and there are items that can do this as well. For more information on Crowd Control Reduction, see the Statistic page.

A list with all items that provide Crowd Control Reduction can be found here: List of Crowd Control Reduction items.

Diminishing Returns[]

Diminishing returns (or DR) is a mechanic that makes hard crowd control effects less effective when used on a recently affected target. When a target is first hit by a hard crowd control effect, they are affected for the entire duration. If they are hit with another effect within 15 seconds, that effect will only last 60% of its normal duration. Any other effects after that will only last 20% of their original duration. A target can be crowd controlled as normal once 15 seconds has past since they were last affected. Diminishing Returns' effect cannot reduce a crowd control's duration below 0.4 seconds.

Note: Displacement CC (Banish, Grab, Knockup, Knockback, and Pull) always last their normal duration, (with the exception of Jormungandr, whose passive makes him immune to displacement) but they will still contribute to the diminishing returns of future crowd control effects.