Curse of The Gods Tournament

Curse of The Gods Weekly Tournament
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Location: Online
Prize Pool: $1000  
Website: Curse of The Gods Weekly Tournament (SMITE)
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Curse of The Gods Launch Tournament

This is a page containing information about the Curse of the Gods Tournament Monthly Final.

Fenrir as the newest god will be removed from the monthly finals.


Official Smite stream - Commentators = dmbrandon & LionHeart
Curse Smite stream - Commentators = JewSanta & Decoy

Teams Qualified for April Monthly Final

Seeding for April Monthly Final

  1. ROOT Gaming
  2. Curse Gaming
  3. Denial Esports
  4. Copenhagen Wolves
  5. Worth It
  6. Victorious Secret
  7. SNIPE Gaming
  8. Borderland Gaming EU

Prizes For The Weekly Tournament

Monthly Tournament Prizes:

1st Place: $750 (USD)

2nd Place: $250 (USD)

3rd Place: Gems (800)

4th Place: Gems (400)


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