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DLC or Downloadable Content in SMITE are bundles and packs that are purchased from outside the game that unlock a large amount of content.

Like with Gems Gems, these can be purchased from the Online Store, and can also be found on Steam and the Epic Games Store. For console, they are found on the Microsoft Store, Playstation Store and the Nintendo Game Store.

List of DLC[ | ]

Ultimate God Pack[ | ]

The Ultimate God Pack is a DLC that unlocks all present gods on purchase and will also unlock any future characters for no additional cost.

Any previously purchased gods will have their Favor Favor cost refunded upon purchase of this pack.

Season Pass[ | ]

The Season Pass is a DLC bundle that contain several limited Cosmetic Items and 1000 Gems.

Players will also unlock the following cosmetics for each gods released through the year the pass was sold in:

Additionally, if the player doesn't already own the Ultimate God Pack, it will also unlock the gods released throughout that year.

Apart from that, each season pass includes unique limited cosmetics. The Season Passes so far have included:

  • Season Pass 2020: Limited Eternal Tormentor Zeus skin, Eternal Tormentor Loading Screen, and Godslayer Title
  • Season Pass 2021: Limited Grand Magus Anubis skin, Grand Magus Loading Screen, and Tyrant Title
  • Season Pass 2022: Limited Space Scoundrel Danzaburou skin, Space Scoundrel Loading Screen, and Most Wanted Title
  • Year 10 Pass: Unlimited Calamity Cat Sol skin, Calamity Cat Loading Screen, and Miraculous Title
  • Year 11 Legacy Pass: Cross Gen Untamed Bellona skin, Cross Gen Baddie Bat Jing Wei skin, a Divine Legacy Booster, and Barbarian Title

Digital Deluxe Edition[ | ]

The Digital Deluxe Edition is a DLC that includes both the Ultimate God Pack and the latest Season Pass at a slightly discounted price than if they were purchased separately.