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Esports & Live Streams is a brand new system to the game client where players can earn points by watching SMITE and spend them on brand new skins. This store was introduced on SMITE Version 7.2.5895.5. The patch was released on February 25, 2020 (with the removal of the Mixer Store). It encourages many newer players to check out SMITE Esports, and its reward system will provide yet another way for dedicated SMITE players to earn great new content.

About[ | ]

  • Linking:
  • First, make sure your Hi-Rez and Twitch accounts are linked, so you can earn points for watching SMITE on Twitch.
  • How do you Earn points?:
  • Viewing the SMITE official stream on Twitch or any stream with SMITE Drops Enabled.
  • Predicting the winner of upcoming SPL matches.
  • As a reward in the Battle Pass: 4'000 Viewer Points from the free track and 6'000 Viewer Points from the premium track.
  • Unlock an exclusive skin and earn bonus points with the Viewer Pass and Viewer Pass Plus!
  • Viewing:
  • Gain 2000 Viewer Points for every four hours of stream viewing.
  • Gain up to a Maximum of 14'000 Viewer Points per week.
  • Voting:
  • You may vote for games being played in the next two weeks, up to 2 hours before they are played.
  • You can change your vote on any game at any time up until the 2 hour pre-game time, when votes become locked in.
  • SPL games will be played Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at 3PM E.T.
  • In-Game voting results will be updated and points will be distributed on the following Monday.
  • Viewer Store:
  • Players may purchase a rotating series of 3 skins for 75'000 Viewer Points each, 6 cosmetic items for 10'000 Viewer Points and one new cosmetic item for 20'000 Viewer Points. These will update each patch.
  • Teams:
  • View info about each of the SPL Teams
  • Check their current win/loss records and standings
  • Buy Avatars and Global Emotes to support the team, a share of the profit goes directly to the org.

Viewer Store[ | ]

The viewer store lets the player purchase cosmetic items with the Viewer Points viewer points they earned. There is a rotation of cosmetic items that updates each patch. You can see past and future rotations on the Viewer Store page.

God Skin Rotation[ | ]

These are preexisting god skins that cost 75'000 Viewer Points each and are only available in the viewer store while the specified patch is live.

Misc. Cosmetic Rotation[ | ]

These are preexisting cosmetic items that cost 10'000 Viewer Points each and are only available in the viewer store while the specified patch is live.