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Fae-Blessed Hoops
Fae-BlessedHoops T3.png
Item Type: Defensive, Utility
Item Tier: Tier 3
Item Tier:
Item Tier:
Cost: 1000
Total Cost: 2200
Stats: +300 Health
+20 HP5
+40 MP5
Active Effect:
Passive Effect: Each time an allied god dies within 70 units of you or you heal an allied god with an ability, a flower drops from your ally that can be picked up by you or an allied god. Picking up the flower gives that god a shield equal to 7.5% of their Max HP that lasts for 8s. Flowers last 7s on the ground. Picking up a new flower refreshes the shield.
Active Cooldown:
Passive Cooldown:

Fae-Blessed Hoops is one of the Items in SMITE.


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
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