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Fantasy Chest
TreasureRoll Fantasy.png
Cost: 400 Gems.png
Cost: {{{costfavor}}} Favor.png
Cost: {{{costhonor}}} NewUI Clan Honor.png
Release Date: September 22, 2020

The Fantasy Chest is one of the treasure chests in SMITE.


Each Fantasy Chest has a chance of unlocking a skin or an exclusive skin. Chests never unlock duplicate items. Unlocking an item from this chest unlocks the same item in another chest.


The Mighty Storm Jormungandr Living Death Scylla Witchbane Izanami Spooky Nightmares Cupid Bone Chiller Skadi NightBane Jing Wei Moonlit Scout Neith Steel Samurai Susano Shadow Specter Horus Soul Piercer Achilles Temptress Aphrodite


Cursed Scarab Khepri Demon's Bane Merlin Crystal Colossus Ymir Enchanted Chang'e