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SkinArt FenrirS2 Default
Title: The Unbound
Pantheon: NewUI Pantheon2 Norse Norse
Type: {{{types}}}[[Category:{{{types}}} gods]]
Roles: S2 Role Jungle Jungle
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Release date: May 2, 2024
Favor: Favor
Gems: Gems
Voicelines: Fenrir (SMITE 2) voicelines
Voice actor: Christopher Sabat
Health: 605 (+80)
Mana: 296 (+42)
Speed: 442 (+0)
Range: {{{range}}} (+0)
Attack/Sec: 1 (+1.498%)
Physical: 19.0 (+3)
Magical: 27.5 (+1.4)
HP/Sec: 1.7 (+0.2)
MP/Sec: 2.25 (+0.25)
*Numbers in parentheses are the amount gained at each level

Fenrir is one of the playable Gods in SMITE 2.

Lore[ | ]

Mortals must rely on the wisdom of the Gods, but never forget they are fallible. They can be petty, churlish, and worst of all, wrong. What are the consequences for their mistakes? They should have slain the wolf-beast Fenrir, but they chose instead to bind him. Despite the warnings and prophecies he would tear Odin apart at Ragnarok and devour the earth and sky, they did not end Loki's son. Now, terror roams free. It is unknown how, but Fenrir is Unbound. Thrice they tried to bind him, each time convincing Fenrir that the chains were nothing more than a challenge for his strength, a test to see if he could shatter them. The first two God-forged fetters were easily broken beneath the beast’s terrible power, but the third was a ribbon, dwarf made, and Fenrir grew suspicious of the God’s intentions. As a show of faith, he demanded one of them place a hand in his mouth, and if the ribbon proved magical in nature, he would exact punishment.

Brave, if foolish, Tyr put his fist in Fenrir’s maw as the ribbon was secured to the wolf’s leg. Fenrir strained and screamed, but could not break free, and in rage, he devoured Tyr’s hand. For a time, Fenrir was forgotten, the dire prophecy just a memory. But they were all warned and the Gods did nothing. Fenrir is hungry now, the first hunter, an alpha among sheep, but no flesh will satisfy his need. It is revenge he craves, and now he is Unbound.

Abilities[ | ]

Basic Attack - Fenrir Basic Attack
Deal Physical Damage to an enemy in front of you. Notes:
 Bullet If multiple enemies are in the area, the enemy closest to the center of the area will be hit.
 Bullet Range: 1.92 meters  Bullet Cone Angle: 120 degrees
 Bullet Damage: 46 + 2.47 per level  Bullet Damage Scaling: 100% Strength + 20% Intelligence

Ability Video

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Passive - Unbound Runes
Fenrir gains Runes on succesful basic attacks or from activating abilities. If he has 5 Runes, activating each ability will be granting additional effects. Notes:

Ability Video

1st Ability - Unchained
Leap forward to deal Physical Damage. At 5 Runes, Stun all enemies in the area, then all Runs are consumed. Gain 3 Runes on succesful hit if not at 5 Runes. Notes:
 Bullet Hitting an enemy god reduces the Cooldown of this ability by 30%.
 Bullet Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana  Bullet Cooldown: 15 seconds
 Bullet Range: 8.8 meters  Bullet Radius: 2.4 meters
 Bullet Damage: 35/80/125/170/265  Bullet Damage Scaling: 85% Strength
 Bullet Stun Duration: 0.75 second

Ability Video

2nd Ability - Seething Howl
Gain increased Strength, Attack Speed, and Lifesteal. At 5 Runes, allied Gods around you also gain increased Lifesteal. Does not consume Runes. Gain 3 Runes if not at 5 Runes. Notes:
 Bullet Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana  Bullet Cooldown: 11 seconds
 Bullet Radius: 7.2 meters  Bullet Strength: 15/20/25/30/35
 Bullet Attack Speed: 25%  Bullet Lifesteal: 20%
 Bullet Buff Duration: 6 seconds

Ability Video

3rd Ability - Brutalize
Leap forward, Channel and grab onto an enemy, and deal Physical Damage repeatedly to all enemies in the area. At 5 Runes, the Strength scaling is increased, then all Runes are consumed. Gain 1 Rune per succesful hit if not at 5 Runes. Notes:
 Bullet This ability can critically strike.
 Bullet Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 mana  Bullet Cooldown: 11 seconds
 Bullet Range: 4.8 meters  Bullet Radius: 1.6 meters
 Bullet Damage: 30/55/80/105/130  Bullet Damage Scaling: 40% Strength
 Bullet Increased Damage Scaling: 65% Strength  Bullet Physical Protection: 5 + 2 per Level
 Bullet Magical Protection: 5 + 2 per Level

Ability Video

Ultimate - Ragnarok
Activate to become immense, gain increased Movement Speed, Physical Protection, and Magical Protection. Your next basic attack grabs and enemy God, allowing you to Displace and carry them to any position. Gain 5 Runes. You are CC Immune for the duration. Notes:
 Bullet Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana  Bullet Cooldown: 100 seconds
 Bullet Cone Angle: 120 degrees  Bullet Damage: 200/275/350/425/500
 Bullet Damage Scaling: 100% Strength  Bullet Movement Speed: 75%
 Bullet Physical Protection: 20/30/40/50/60  Bullet Magical Protection: 20/30/40/50/60
 Bullet Buff Duration: 1.75 seconds  Bullet Grab Duration: 1.75 seconds

Ability Video

Videos[ | ]

Achievements[ | ]

Achievement Temp
This achievement has not been released yet.
Achievement Temp
This achievement has not been released yet.

Trivia[ | ]

General[ | ]

Skins[ | ]

Default Skin card Release Date Unreleased
Type Standard
Cost Free
Voicelines Fenrir voicelines
In Game Model
Extra Information

The Undead
The Undead Skin card Release Date Unreleased
Type Unknown
Cost Unknown
Voicelines The Undead Fenrir voicelines
In Game Model
Extra Information

Mighty Mutt
Mighty Mutt Skin card Release Date Unreleased
Type Unknown
Cost Unknown
Voicelines Mighty Mutt Fenrir voicelines
In Game Model
Extra Information

Changelog[ | ]

SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend 4 (July 18, 2024)

  • Icons2 Fenrir A04 Ragnarok
  • Decreased base damage from 200/275/350/425/500 to 180/240/300/360/420

SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend 3 (June 27, 2024)

  • Icons2 Fenrir A01 Unchained
  • Decreased Stun Duration From 1 seconds to 0.75 seconds At All Ranks
  • Icons2 Fenrir A02 Seething Howl
  • Decreased Strength Buff from 15/25/35/45/55 to 15/20/25/30/35
  • Icons2 Fenrir A04 Ragnarok
  • Increased Cooldown from 90 seconds to 100 seconds at all ranks

SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend 1 (May 2, 2024)

  • Fenrir has been added to the game.