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There are several different Game Modes in SMITE. Each mode has its own unique map with its own play style, rules and objectives. Common among each mode is the existence of minions and structures. The players' objective in most of these game modes is to defeat the enemies' Titan.

New players will initially only be able to queue for Normal Conquest, Arena, and Joust until they reach account level 15, but will still have access to Clash and Assault via the Co-Op vs. AI queue. After reaching level 15, all modes will become available.

Icon GameMode Conquest.png Conquest[edit | edit source]

Queue Conquest S8.png

In Conquest, two teams of five players fight off in a three-laned map. Players can play this mode at account level 1.

This is a typical MOBA mode with two bases at opposite sides of the map connected by three lanes. Each lane is protected by two towers and a Phoenix.

The main objective of this mode is for players to assault the enemy defenses and destroy the Titan at the center of their base, while preventing the enemy from destroying theirs. The first team to destroy the enemy Titan wins.

For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Conquest

Icon GameMode Arena.png Arena[edit | edit source]

Queue Arena.png

In Arena, two teams of five players in a small arena with no lanes nor towers. There are no Titans in this mode. Instead, to win, the players' objective is to reduce the enemy team's ticket counter to 0. Each team starts with 500 tickets and there are specific rules for reducing enemy tickets.

There are two exits to each base located on the leftmost and rightmost sides. There is an invulnerable Phoenix protecting each entrance. There are also neutral buff camps on the left and right sides of the arena.

For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Arena

Icon GameMode Assault.png Assault[edit | edit source]

Queue Assault.png

In Assault, two teams of five players are pitted against each other in a single lane. There are no jungle camps and the only goal is to push the minion waves and destroy all of the enemy's structures with the game ending at the death of a Titan.

Unlike other modes, the game picks a random God for each player. Players can re-roll their god, causing the game to select a different random one. Gods can also be swapped between players.

For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Assault

Icon GameMode Joust.png Joust[edit | edit source]

Queue Joust.png

Joust is a 3v3 Game Mode. There are jungle camps on the sides of the map and only one short lane protected by one tower and a phoenix. The objective is to destroy the enemy's defenses, and ultimately their Titan.

For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Joust

Icon GameMode Siege.png Siege[edit | edit source]

Queue Siege.png

Siege has two teams of four players fighting to destroy each other's structures and finally their Titan with the aid of a special super minion, the Siege Juggernaut.

Standard lane minions spawn at the regular intervals and sizes, but for every 100 points a team earns, a Siege Juggernaut is spawned. Each team can earn points by accomplishing certain tasks. This super-sized monster has a large health pool and deals bonus damage to enemy structures. It is also possible to spawn a Siege Juggernaut by killing the neutral Wild Juggernaut in the center of the map.

There is a portal in each team's base that activates when that team has at least one Juggernaut on the battlefield. Entering the portal will transport the player instantly to their friendly Juggernaut.

For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Siege

Icon GameMode Clash.png Clash[edit | edit source]

Queue Clash.png

Clash is a 5v5 Casual Game Mode that is focused around group team fights and lane pushing mechanics. The map itself features two lanes defended by structures. The goal of each team is to push down the opponent's defenses and defeat the enemy Titan.

Players can expect to meet each other in the middle of the map which provides quick access to the major objectives, both lanes, and a central Damage (red) Buff that players will have to fight over. The layout means players will be fighting often and in large numbers, while looking for opportunities to push down the enemy team's defenses.

For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Clash

Icon GameMode MOTD.png Match of the Day[edit | edit source]

Queue MOTD.png

The Match of the Day (or MotD) is a special mode in Smite, that changes daily. They are several unique game modes that utilize the map from standard game modes, all of them with special and usually unconventional rules.

For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Match of the Day

Icon Queue Custom.png Custom[edit | edit source]

Queue Custom.png

Custom allows players to create their own rooms where they can play they own customized game modes, as well as control who they play with and against. Players can specify which of the standard maps they wish the play, the team size (1v1 to 5v5), and the god picking method, as well as starting level and gold. The spawning of lane minions can also be prevented.

Icon Queue Training.png Training[edit | edit source]

Queue Practice.png

Training features a training course, a number game mode tutorials and also a shooting range map. These modes are designed to help players learn more about the game and practice their skills.

For more detailed information about this topic, please visit its main article: Training

Old Game modes[edit | edit source]

Icon GameMode Adventures.png Adventures[edit | edit source]

Queue Adventures.png

Adventures was a series of limited-time game modes in SMITE.

Every 6 weeks there would be a new Adventure. The Adventure would be live and playable for 4 weeks before making way for the next one.

For more detailed information about these Game Modes, please visit their main article: Adventures

Icon GameMode MOTD.png Domination[edit | edit source]

Queue domination.png

Domination used to be a regular mode that was removed from the game on January 8, 2014.

The rules were as follows: Two teams of five players placed in two bases at opposite ends of the map fight for the control of Three Obelisks distributed in three lanes. Controlling an obelisk would deduct tickets from the enemy counter. The first team to reduce the enemy counter to zero won the match.

For more detailed information about this Game Mode, please visit its main article: Domination