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Gifting in SMITE allows players to send gifts directly to other players. This system was introduced on SMITE Version 5.23.5202. The patch was released on December 19, 2018.

Description[ | ]

Sending a Gift[ | ]

Players can find the option to gift in the in game store, their player profile, friends list, or the end of match lobby. Players must be at least account level 20 to send gifts. On the Gifting Screen, players will be able to choose and confirm who they want to send a gift to as well as pick from a selection of short messages to accompany the gift. Sending gifts costs Gems Gems.

Gifts contain several types of cosmetic items. Player Gift options are as follows:

An Emote A Voice Pack A Tier 2 Skin An Awesome Chest
Gift Emote Gift VoicePack Gift T2Skin Gift T3Skin
20 Gems 150 Gems 200 Gems 400 Gems
  • An Emote: Gifts a random unowned Emote.
  • A Voice Pack: Gifts a random unowned Voice Pack.
  • A Tier 2 Skin: Gifts a random unowned Tier 2 God Skin.
  • An Awesome Skin: Gifts a random unowned Tier 3 and 4 God Skin, including exclusive skins.

Similar to treasure chests, a gift will roll one of the items contained in it. All gift contents have equal chances to be unlocked, and players cannot be gift any cosmetic item they already own.

Receiving a Gift[ | ]

When a player receives a gift they will receive a notification at the time the gift was sent. If the gift is sent mid-game, this will be delayed until after leaving the match. This notification will be displayed in a new category in the Reward Center.

Players will need to navigate to the gift and choose to open it in order to unlock gifted items. If the player already owns all items in the gift, an account booster of equivalent value will be given instead. (1 Day Booster for An Emote, 3 Days Booster for A Voice Pack, 15 Days for A Tier 2 Skin and 30 Days for An Awesome Skin)

Gifting Achievements[ | ]

There are several achievements that can be earned by giving and receiving gifts, and there are also certain titles that can be unlocked after earning them.

Achievement Gifting TheSweetest
The Sweetest
Send your First Gift!
Achievement Gifting TheGiver
The Giver
Give 20 Gifts (Unlocks the Gift Giver title)
Achievement Gifting GenerousGod
Generous God
Give 200 Gifts (Unlocks the The Generous God title)
Achievement Gifting YoureLoved
You're Loved!
Receive your first gift!
Achievement Gifting SomeonePopular
Someone's Popular
Receive 20 Gifts (Unlocks the The Popular title)
Achievement Gifting SuperStar
Receive 200 Gifts (Unlocks the Superstar title)