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God skins are Cosmetic Items in SMITE that allow players to change the appearance of their gods, from a simple texture swap to a completely different look.

While most skins can only be unlocked with Gems.png Gems, there are several skins that can be unlocked with Favor.png Favor as well as Gems. There are times when skins are sold at a discount, and sometimes certain skins are bundled together and put on sale. Generally skins that can be purchased with Favor only have their Gem cost reduced for the sale, but there are exceptions. It is worth mentioning that redeeming god skin codes from promotions and giveaways for unowned gods will also unlock the character they belong to for free. Purchasing skins or rolling them in Treasure Chests for unowned gods won't unlock the god they belong to. Those skins will automatically be available for use once that character is unlocked.

Several god skins, like those from past events, are made available through treasure chests. The daily bundle can also put god skins for sale, including some that currently can only be obtained through it.

Every skin currently available in the game can be found near the bottom of each god page: List of gods.

Skin type[]

There are several types of god skins in the game.

  • Standard skins: These are regular skins that are always available in the Store.
  • Crossover skins: These are skins that are made through promotions and licensing to characters that are not related to Smite. These skins will be available during their events in a similar way to exclusive skins.
  • Exclusive skins: These are skins that are related to promotions, holidays, treasure chests and events. These cosmetics will usually return as part of other promotions, events or in treasure chests.
  • Clan skins: These are special shadow skins that can only be obtained from the Clan Store.
  • Limited skins: These are unique skins that are only available for a limited period of time, and once they are disabled, they can no longer be obtained through conventional means.
  • Unlimited skins: These are unique skins that are usually collection rewards in events. Unlike limited skins, this type of cosmetics can be directly purchased after the event ends for the same amount of gems that it would have cost to unlock it.

Skin tiers[]

God skins are separated in different tiers, each tier having more customized elements and higher cost than the previous one.

  • Tier 1: These skins generally cost 100 Gems.png or 9500 Favor.png, consist of color changed or "recolored" versions of the default skins, and use the default skin's voice pack. Sometimes these skins come with custom visual effects. Example: Toxic Caress Arachne, Incinerator Agni.
  • Tier 2: These skins generally cost 250 Gems.png, consist of minor model changes and upgrades from the default skins, and use the default skin's voice pack. Example: Valkyrie Freya, Crimson Death Kali.
  • Tier 3: These skins generally cost 400 Gems.png. They are model changes with a different theme than the original's. They may also have minor special visual effects, animation changes, and often include a custom voice pack. Example: Blind Vengeance Nemesis, Brynhildr Bacchus.
  • Tier 4: These skins generally cost 600 Gems.png. They are full model changes with a different theme than the original's that include major animation changes, new special visual effects, and always have a custom voice pack. Example: HeBro He Bo, Elite Agent Apollo.
  • Tier 5: These are special limited skins that come with unique cosmetic features that no other skins have. Example: Archon Thanatos, Ragnarok Force X Thor.

Mastery skins[]

Mastery skins are special kinds of skins that only become available for purchase after reaching certain mastery levels with a god. Mastery skins have custom Basic Attack and particle effects, along with customized pets and deployables.

There are three Mastery skins:

  • NewUI Mastery Golden.png Golden: These skins cost 200 Gems.png or 9500 Favor.png to unlock. It becomes available after reaching God Rank NewUI Rank 1.png (1) or higher with a god. These skins feature team color, being either gold and blue (for allies) or gold and red (for enemies).
  • NewUI Mastery Legendary.png Legendary: These skins cost 300 Gems.png or 12500 Favor.png to unlock. It becomes available after reaching God Rank NewUI Rank 5.png (5) or higher with a god. These skins have a gold and black color scheme.
  • NewUI Mastery Diamond.png Diamond: These skins cost 400 Gems.png or 15000 Favor.png to unlock. It becomes available after reaching God Rank NewUI Rank 10.png (10) with a god. These skins have a diamond and black pearl color scheme.

Unlocking a mastery skin will also grant an special loading frame for that god, replacing the default frame. If a player owns more than one mastery skin for the same god then the higher rank frame will take priority, with the Legendary frame overriding the Golden frame and the Diamond frame overriding the Legendary one.