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Gold coins Gold in SMITE is the currency used during matches to purchase and upgrade Items.

Earning gold[ | ]

Every players starts with a certain amount of gold and they earn extra gold periodically, called gold spooling. This amount varies depending on the game mode:

Additional gold can be obtained in several ways:

  • Dealing the killing blow ("Lasthitting") to enemy minions
  • If a player does not kill it, they still earn some gold as long as they are near the minion when it dies.
  • In Conquest, players only gain 25% of the gold if the minion was hit by a friendly structure, even if they deal the killing blow. Towers hitting minion in other modes will cause them to give no gold.
  • Killing enemy Gods (The amount is determined by several factors listed in the section below)
  • Kill assists
  • Destroying objectives (Towers, Phoenixes, etc.)
  • Killing jungle camps

It is worth mentioning that gold doesn't carry over to other matches.

God Kill & Streaks[ | ]

When a player kills an enemy god they are awarded with:

Base Amount = (150 + (Gold Earned by Victim / 100))
  • needs edit: what is "gold earned by victim"
Level Adjustment = ((enemy level - player level) * .1)
This is capped at +/- .6.
Total = (Base Amount + (Base Amount * Level Difference Adjustment)) * 1.1 ^ Opponents Kill Streak

Achieving First Blood (the first non-neutral god kill in the match) provides an additional 200 gold.

Depending on how high the victim's killstreak (the amount of kills in a row they had accumulated before dying) was, the kill will reward more gold while also ending their killing spree.