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Icon Goodwill Goodwill is a system in SMITE that encourages players to play by the rules and to follow the community codes.

Each game completed without any negative actions (being AFK consistently, abandoning or dodging matches, or being reported repeatedly) will grant 6% Goodwill up to 100%. Goodwill is gained more gradually after completing games when the player was commended. Goodwill provides protection against single instances of negative behavior or reports, but will not protect against consistent bad behavior.

Goodwill increases the total Favor Favor gained from a completed match by up to 15% at maximum goodwill; the extra currency gained due to the Goodwill progression can be seen in the after-match lobby. Goodwill will reset to 0% upon committing a negative action.

Games played at 100% Goodwill contribute towards the monthly rewards in the Commendations system.