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Heimdallr's Crossing was an adventure type game mode in SMITE. It was available between December 11, 2019 and January 28, 2020.

This mode is a variation of the original Fafnir's Wonderland, created for the Odyssey: Underworld event and themed after Heimdallr.


Game Rules[]

Five players face off against rounds of AI encounters in an endless competition. You are level 13, have 7500 gold, and will not gain experience or gold throughout the match. Each round, your team has one minute to complete the encounter. If the round timer expires or your entire team dies, the match is over.

Between rounds:

  • Ability cooldowns are reset
  • Relic cooldowns are reset
  • Health and mana is restored
  • All players respawn

Banned gods[]


All players who participate in at least one match of Heimdallr's Crossing will earn the exclusive Ferocious Hen Avatar.


There are several challenges that players will have to face in this mode. After round 10, hard versions of previously beat challenges will start to appear. These hard encounters have thougher bosses than normal, with some of them having additional enemies or mechanics that increase the challenge. Upon losing, the game will display a tip to help players beat the encounter next time they face it.

  • Candy Caning:
  • Nu Wa's soldiers will explode if they touch her rolling ornament. Try to position them away from it!
  • A Bone-Chilling Night:
  • When Ah Puch's soldiers die they leave a corpse he can explode. Keep your distance after killing one.
  • Ice to Meet You:
  • Kukulkan will leave a long lasting whirlwind on a random player. Be aware of your surroundings and try to control where the whirlwinds are placed.
  • Snowball Fight:
  • Kuzenbo's snowballs can quickly fill the room. Try to burst them down one by one--and don't forget to dodge!
  • Beasts of Winter:
  • Try to balance protecting yourself from CC while maintaining priority targets. Once immediate threats like Scylla are taken down, you're much safer to burst down the rest.
  • Freeze or Burn:
  • Ra will periodically summon waves of Celestial Beams. Try to follow their patterns and get out of the way quickly.
  • Abominable:
  • If one of the Cu Chulainns dies, the other will quickly enter Berserk mode. Try to get both of them close to death before killing one.
  • Sisterly Love:
  • The Medusas can heal each other with their Petrify ability. Be smart with your aggro and keep them from looking at each other.
  • Under the Tree:
  • Da Ji's Paolao will deal massive damage if you don't collect a present before the chains activate. Be sure to keep yourself spread out so everyone can get a present.
  • French Hen:
  • The Hen hatches many chickens that will peck and dash to players, making it more difficult to defeat the Hen. Try to keep the chicken count low.
  • Arachnophobia:
  • The boss in this encounter is an giant Arachne surrounded by many web walls that will respawn shortly after they are broken. This boss has the ability Cocoon to pull in players and will use Night Crawler to move to the opposite end of the arena.