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Inner Demon Arena was a game mode and the seventh of the Adventures in SMITE. It was available between April 11, 2018 and May 30, 2018.

Additional information can be found here: Inner Demon Arena promo site.

Description[edit | edit source]

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Hel's Inner Demon Arena![edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Inner Demon Arena! The Goddess of the Underworld, Hel, has transformed the Arena into a new perilous battleground filled with legion of Serpent Demons that lurk in the water waiting to kill you instantly!

Inner demons unleashed[edit | edit source]

The Inner Demon Arena features new environment art. The battlefield has been decimated by the forces of light and darkness. Serpent Demons surround the battlefield and await to execute the weak.

Crush your enemies![edit | edit source]

Defeat the Serpent Demons that spawn in the center of the map to unleash a Juggernaut for your team!

Game Rules[edit | edit source]

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Game Mode[edit | edit source]

The Inner Demon Adventure is like the Arena Game Mode with a few twists! Players follow the normal Arena systems of starting levels, gold and XP gain. Kill enemy minions and gods, or push things through the portal to subtract their tickets and win the match.

Play matches of the Arena to earn Demon Points Demon Points and unlock chests! Win the match or bonus round for more points, or buy the Inner Demon bundle to earn double points. Inner Demon Chests contain Enigma Chest items, team boosters, fantasy points, or the new Death Marks!

Death Traps[edit | edit source]

New Death Traps have been placed in the Arena. These areas of dangerous water will cause players to be executed by mega serpents if they stand in the water for too long.

New Objective[edit | edit source]

Every 2 minutes there will be 3 Serpent Demons that spawn in the middle of the map. Whichever team gets the killing blow on 2 of the 3 will spawn a Juggernaut for their lane! Juggernauts in this arena will attack nearby enemies.

Demon Buff Camps[edit | edit source]

Buff Camps have been replaced with new demon buffs that have new, more powerful effects. They only last 60s instead of 120s. Red buff has power and movement speed, Blue buff has mana regen, CDR, and damage mitigation, and Purple buff has attack speed, basic attack power, and Haste!

Bonus Round[edit | edit source]

Every battle culminates in a sudden death match. Only the best will survive the divine showdown. After a winner is decided all players will be revived, healed and teleported to the middle of the map. All but the inner ring of the arena will be covered in dangerous water. Whichever team is last standing will win the bonus round, earning some extra Demon Points Demon Points.

Banned Gods[edit | edit source]

These gods cannot be picked for the Inner Demon Arena:

Inner Demon Bundle[edit | edit source]

Unleash Hel's full power with the Inner Demon bundle. Included is the Inner Demon Hel Skin, a Jump Stamp, a Pedestal and a 2018 Gold Key - Your ticket to a new Limited Skin from the Gold Vault. This bundle cost 900 Gems.png while the Inner Demon Arena was available and is now available for 1000 Gems.png.

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