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Items in SMITE are objects and artifacts that provide special benefits and/or abilities to a god beyond their basic capabilities.

Description[ | ]

Items allow gods to increase their statistics and empower their attack and defense. They are only available for purchase at the item store inside the fountains area on each base. Items cost Gold to purchase and upgrade, and they can be sold back for 66% of the original cost. In the case of accidental purchases, players can also Undo all recently bought items as long as they haven't left their fountain or activated the item's effect.

Most items come in what is referred to as Item Trees, begining with weak but cheap Tier 1 items which have branching upgrades, giving access to one or more Tier 2 items which then also branch out into powerful Tier 3 items.

Any items grayed out and unselectable are those that are disabled for the player's god or for that particular game mode (for example, certain melee exclusive items being unavailable for ranged gods). There are also some items that can only be purchased after reaching a specific god level, these items will display a padlock on top of the item's icon.

Items are arranged into three main categories: Consumable items, Relics, and Passive items.

Consumable items[ | ]

Consumables are one-time use items that are removed on activation. Gods can only carry two different consumables at a time, but can usually buy multiple of the one consumable up to it maximum cap. Wards and Sentry Wards are an exception to this as players can only carry two wards and one sentry ward at any time. Some consumables won't be available for purchase until after reaching a certain level.

Chalices are special early game consumables that allow players to invest an initially large amount of gold for items that behave like a stack of Potions or Wards. Unlike regular consumables, once all chalice charges are consumed, the item isn't removed but becomes temporarily unusable. Stacks are automatically refilled when re-entering a friendly fountain. The drawback is that selling the chalices yields no gold in return (however, if the player hasn't left their fountain or consumed any charges, the purchase can safely be undone).

Relics[ | ]

Relics are a type of activable items that grant useful extra abilities. Once used they will go onto cooldown before they can be used again. All players start with an empty Relic Empty Relic and ShardRelic Empty Shard Relic slots. Players can fill the empty slots with any one relic and shard for free, and at level 12 the shard can also be replaced with any other relic for no cost.

Relics come in item trees, and can be upgraded to Tier 2 for 300 gold and Tier 3 for 500 gold (for a total of 800 gold), increasing their potency or giving them additional effects. These upgraded effects are shown on the relic's description in yellow. Upgraded relics will inherit any remaining cooldown from the original one. If one changes their mind or selects the wrong relic, it can still be sold back and switched as long as the player hasn't left the fountain or used it, as doing either will lock the relic in for the rest of the match.

In addition to upgrading them with gold, relics can also be upgraded for free by completing quests through the game. This quest will change slightly depending if its the first or second relic picked. The quests are:

  • Relic Quest 1 (All Tier 1 Relics): Kill or assist minions
    • 1st Relic: 140 minions
    • 2nd Relic: 80 minions
  • Relic Quest 2 (All Tier 2 Relics): Deal instances of damage or Crowd Control to enemy Gods. You may only gain one stack per second.
    • 1st Relic: 90 instances
    • 2nd Relic: 60 instances

Passive items[ | ]

Passive items are the most prevalent in the game. Each one provides bonuses to one or more statistics. Each god can only hold up to six different Passive items. While most Passive items can be acquired by anyone, there are a number of items that are restricted to gods with a certain type of power (Physical or Magical); these are mostly the ones that provide Power, Lifesteal or Penetration bonuses of a specific power type.

Passive items are classified in different categories based on what stats they provide: Offensive, Defensive and Utility.

  • Offensive items provide boosts to stats related to attack and damage output (Physical & Magical Power, Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance, etc.).
  • Defensive items provide bonuses to stats related to defense and self-preservation (Physical & Magical Protection, Health and HP5).
  • Utility items provide boosts for miscellaneous stats (Cooldown Reduction, MP5, Movement Speed, etc.) or provide supportive and team beneficial bonuses (like Aura effects).

Most passive items are part of item trees. Beyond strong stat boosts, Tier 3 items usually provide unique Passive effects, like auras (a buff or debuff that affects the player and/or nearby allies or enemies) or "on ability use" effects (meaning it triggers upon casting a god ability), and more. There are also some Tier 2 items referred to as "bridge" items, which are cost efficient and grant useful passive effects. Players can usually carry more than one item from the same item tree, but they can't acquire two of the exact same item or a lower-tier item if all of its upgrades were already obtained or are unavailable. There are also some items, like the Katana T1 Katana item tree, that can only be purchased by specific god types or classes.

Starter items[ | ]

Starter items are a special type of passive item that provide bonuses and unique passive effects for specific roles that are most useful on the early stages of a match but gradually become less impactful as time goes by. These items can then be upgraded at level 20 to gain new strong effects (support oriented starters can be upgraded at level 15). Once a starter item is selected, all other starter items will become unavailable.

Most starter items are categorized by role, and associated with the color around the icon:

  • Carry Starter Items (Orange) aimed for the duo/long lane.
  • Solo Starter Items (Red) aimed for the solo/short lane.
  • Mid Starter Items (Blue) aimed for the middle lane.
  • Jungle Starter Items (Yellow) aimed for junglers.
  • Support Starter Items (Green) aimed for the duo/long lane.

Glyph items[ | ]

There are a few Tier 3 items can be upgraded to "Glyph" items. These Glyph items provide the same bonuses and effects as the original Tier 3 item but with a powerful additional passive effect that'll be highlighted in yellow on the item's description. Tier 3 items that have glyph variants will feature a golden + on their icon. Each of these Tier 3 item has 2 different Glyph options. It costs 600 gold to upgrade an item to one of its Glyph variants.

Evolved items[ | ]

Certain Tier 3 items have the ability to Evolve into stronger versions by clearing the task listed the item's description. Once the task is complete, the item will be replaced with an Evolved variant.

List of items[ | ]

The following is a list of all items currently available in the game, sorted by type, then cost, then alphabetical order. Item lists featuring all items that provide specific stats can be found here: Items by Stat

Consumables[ | ]

Relics[ | ]

Base[ | ]

Shards[ | ]

Tier 1[ | ]

Tier 2[ | ]

Tier 3[ | ]

Starter items[ | ]

Tier 1[ | ]

Tier 2[ | ]

Passive items[ | ]

Tier 1[ | ]

Tier 2[ | ]

LivelyAcorn T2 Lively Acorn (700)
LivelyAcorn T2 Lively Acorn (700)
NettleAcorn T2 Nettle Acorn (700)
NettleAcorn T2 Nettle Acorn (700)
ChargedBow T2 Charged Bow (1000)
BoundGuantlet T2 Bound Gauntlet (1050)
SilverBreastplate T2 Silver Breastplate (1050)
AdventurersBlade T2 Adventurer's Blade (1150)
MagisCloak T2 Cleric's Cloak (1150)
EnchantedRelic T2 Enchanted Trinket (1150)
Fatalis T2 Fatalis (1150)
TowerShield T2 Tower Shield (1150)
WardedShield T2 Warded Shield (1150)
ChargedMorningStar T2 Charged Morningstar (1200)
HydrasStar T2 Hydra's Star (1200)
RoseSpikeEarrings T2 Rose Spike Earrings (1200)
SilverBreastplate T2 Silver Breastplate (1200)
TowerShield T2 Tower Shield (1200)
WardedShield T2 Warded Shield (1200)
BoundGuantlet T2 Bound Gauntlet (1250)
BronzeMail T2 Bronze Mail (1250)
SilverMail T2 Emerald Mail (1250)
EmeraldTalisman T2 Emerald Talisman (1250)
WindWall T2 Fortress Shield (1250)
HuntersBow T2 Hunter's Bow (1250)
SilverTalisman T2 Silver Talisman (1250)
SilverTalisman T2 Silver Talisman (1250)
SpellboundKusari T2 Spellbound Kusari (1250)
SpellboundKusari T2 Spellbound Kusari (1250)
ShieldoftheUnderworld T1 Steel Crest (1250)
ThousandFoldBlade T2 Thousand Fold Blade (1250)
EnchantedRing T2 Enchanted Ring (1300)
GleamingEarCuffs T2 Gleaming Ear Cuffs (1300)
SorcerersStaff T2 Sorcerer's Staff (1300)
SplendidScepter T2 Splendid Scepter (1300)
BookofSouls T2 Book of Souls (1350)
SilverMail T2 Emerald Mail (1350)
EnchantedSpear T2 Enchanted Spear (1350)
FortifiedScepter T2 Fortified Scepter (1350)
HeavyHammer T2 Heavy Hammer (1350)
CursedBlade T2 Ritual Blade (1350)
RodofHealing T2 Rod of Healing (1350)
ShortSword T2 Short Sword (1350)
ShortSword T2 Short Sword (1350)
Balanced Blade Balanced Blade (1400)
CursedGauntlet T2 Cursed Gauntlet (1400)
EmeraldTalisman T2 Emerald Talisman (1400)
EnchantedRing T2 Enchanted Ring (1400)
Fatalis T2 Fatalis (1400)
HeavyHammer T2 Heavy Hammer (1400)
JeweledStuds T2 Jeweled Studs (1400)
RestoredArtifact T2 Restored Artifact (1400)
RestoredArtifact T2 Restored Artifact (1400)
SagesStone T2 Sage's Stone (1400)
SteelMail T2 Steel Mail (1400)
SteelMail T2 Steel Mail (1400)
TalonTrinket T2 Talon Trinket (1400)
TalonTrinket T2 Talon Trinket (1400)
HeavyMace T2 Heavy Mace (1450)
ApprenticeStaff T2 Apprentice Staff (1500)
CloakofConcentration T2 Cloak of Concentration (1500)
RadiantOrb T2 Cursed Orb (1500)
HonedEdge T2 Honed Edge (1500)
KnightsShield T2 Knight's Shield (1500)
SpellFocus T2 Spell Focus (1500)
WarriorsBane T2 Warrior's Bane (1500)
ApprenticeStaff T2 Apprentice Staff (1600)
HonedEdge T2 Honed Edge (1600)
KnightsShield T2 Knight's Shield (1600)

Tier 3[ | ]

CannoneersCuirass T3 Cannoneer's Cuirass (1850)
RitualDagger T3 Relic Dagger (1850)
WingedBlade T3 Winged Blade (1850)
CannoneersCuirass T3 Cannoneer's Cuirass (2000)
LotusSickle T3 Lotus Sickle (2000)
LotusSickle T3 Lotus Sickle (2000)
BristlebushAcorn T3 Bristlebush Acorn (2050)
BristlebushAcorn T3 Bristlebush Acorn (2050)
EvergreenAcorn T3 Evergreen Acorn (2050)
EvergreenAcorn T3 Evergreen Acorn (2050)
ThickbarkAcorn T3 Thickbark Acorn (2050)
ThickbarkAcorn T3 Thickbark Acorn (2050)
ThistlethornAcorn T3 Thistlethorn Acorn (2050)
ThistlethornAcorn T3 Thistlethorn Acorn (2050)
HeartwardAmulet T3 Heartward Amulet (2100)
OdysseusBow T3 Odysseus' Bow (2100)
OniHuntersGarb T3 Oni Hunter's Garb (2100)
Sovereignty T3 Sovereignty (2100)
StoneofGaia T3 Stone of Gaia (2100)
Stormseeker T3 Stormseeker (2100)
MagisBlessing T3 Magi's Cloak (2150)
Phalanx T3 Phalanx (2150)
TalismanoftheRelentless T3 Talisman of Energy (2150)
Ancile T3 Ancile (2200)
BlackthornHammer T3 Blackthorn Hammer (2200)
Equinox T3 Equinox (2200)
Erosion T3 Erosion (2200)
GenjisGuard T3 Genji's Guard (2200)
GriffonwingEarrings T3 Griffonwing Earrings (2200)
Ichaival T3 Ichaival (2200)
MailofRenewal T3 Mail of Renewal (2200)
Shadowdrinker T3 Shadowdrinker (2200)
ShogunsKusari T3 Shogun's Kusari (2200)
StoneCuttingSword T3 Stone Cutting Sword (2200)
The Executioner The Executioner (2200)
VoidDoumaru T3 Void Doumaru (2200)
Absolution T3 Absolution (2250)
Ancile T3 Ancile (2250)
BerserkersShield T2 Berserker's Shield (2250)
BreastplateofRegrowth T3 Breastplate of Regrowth (2250)
BreastplateofRegrowth T3 Breastplate of Regrowth (2250)
BreastPlateofValor T3 Breastplate of Valor (2250)
Contagion T3 Contagion (2250)
Contagion T3 Contagion (2250)
EmperorsArmor T3 Emperor's Armor (2250)
FrostboundHammer T3 Frostbound Hammer (2250)
FrostboundHammer T3 Frostbound Hammer (2250)
SoulEater T3 Soul Eater (2250)
TelkhinesRing T3 Telkhines Ring (2250)
ArchdruidsFury T3 Archdruid's Fury (2300)
DemonicGrip T3 Demonic Grip (2300)
DemonicGrip T3 Demonic Grip (2300)
Fae-BlessedHoops T3 Fae-Blessed Hoops (2300)
GladiatorsShield T2 Gladiator's Shield (2300)
HydrasLament T3 Hydra's Lament (2300)
HydrasLament T3 Hydra's Lament (2300)
JotunnsWrath T3 Jotunn's Wrath (2300)
ManticoresSpikes T3 Manticore's Spikes (2300)
MidGuardianMail T3 Midgardian Mail (2300)
Pestilence T3 Pestilence (2300)
Polynomicon T3 Polynomicon (2300)
SpectralArmor T3 Spectral Armor (2300)
SpectralArmor T3 Spectral Armor (2300)
StoneCuttingSword T3 Stone Cutting Sword (2300)
StoneofBinding T3 Stone of Binding (2300)
AbyssalStone T3 Abyssal Stone (2350)
BladedBoomerang T3 Bladed Boomerang (2350)
GauntletofThebes T3 Gauntlet of Thebes (2350)
PropheticCloak T3 Prophetic Cloak (2350)
PythagoremsPiece T3 Pythagorem's Piece (2350)
RuneforgedHammer T3 Runeforged Hammer (2350)
WallofAbsolution 01 Shield of the Phoenix (2350)
ItemIcon CatsEye Shifter's Shield (2350)
SoulGem T3 Soul Gem (2350)
SoulGem T3 Soul Gem (2350)
SpearofDesolation T3 Spear of Desolation (2350)
SpearofDesolation T3 Spear of Desolation (2350)
Asi T3 Asi (2400)
Asi T3 Asi (2400)
BancroftsTalon T3 Bancroft's Talon (2400)
BrawlersBeatStick T3 Brawler's Beat Stick (2400)
CaduceusClub T3 Caduceus Club (2400)
CharonsCoin T3 Charon's Coin (2400)
CharonsCoin T3 Charon's Coin (2400)
Dawnbringer T3 Dawnbringer (2400)
DemonBlade T3 Demon Blade (2400)
DevourersGauntlet T3 Devourer's Gauntlet (2400)
LastGasp T3 Last Gasp (2400)
MysticalMail T3 Mystical Mail (2400)
Pridwen T3 Pridwen (2400)
RingofHecate T3 Ring of Hecate (2400)
SekhmetsScepter T3 Sekhmet's Scepter (2400)
ItemIcon CatsEye Shifter's Shield (2400)
SpiritRobe T3 Spirit Robe (2400)
VoidShield T3 Void Shield (2400)
DivineRuin T3 Divine Ruin (2450)
DivineRuin T3 Divine Ruin (2450)
Ichaival T3 Ichaival (2450)
RejuvenatingHeart T3 Rejuvenating Heart (2450)
SpearoftheMagus T3 Spear of the Magus (2450)
SpearoftheMagus T3 Spear of the Magus (2450)
VitalAmplifier T3 Vital Amplifier (2450)
Arondight T3 Arondight (2500)
BancroftsTalon T3 Bancroft's Talon (2500)
Bloodforge T3 Bloodforge (2500)
BookofThoth T3 Book of Thoth (2500)
Curseweaver T3 Curseweaver (2500)
Dominance T3 Dominance (2500)
GemofIsolation T3 Gem of Isolation (2500)
GemofIsolation T3 Gem of Isolation (2500)
HastenedFatalis T3 Hastened Fatalis (2500)
ObsidianShard T3 Obsidian Shard (2500)
Rage T3 Rage (2500)
SerratedEdge T3 Serrated Edge (2500)
TheCrusher T3 The Crusher (2500)
TitansBane T3 Titan's Bane (2500)
Transcendence T3 Transcendence (2500)
WarlocksStaff T3 Warlock's Staff (2500)
CrimsonClaws T3 Crimson Claws (2550)
SilverbranchBow T3 Silverbranch Bow (2550)
StaffofMyrddin T3 Staff of Myrddin (2550)
StaffofMyrddin T3 Staff of Myrddin (2550)
TabletofDestinies T3 Tablet of Destinies (2550)
Bloodforge T3 Bloodforge (2600)
ChronosPendant T3 Chronos' Pendant (2600)
CyclopeanRing T3 Cyclopean Ring (2600)
CyclopeanRing T3 Cyclopean Ring (2600)
EtherealStaff T3 Ethereal Staff (2600)
EtherealStaff T3 Ethereal Staff (2600)
HastenedFatalis T3 Hastened Fatalis (2600)
Qins Sais Qin's Sais (2600)
RodofAscelpius T3 Rod of Asclepius (2600)
Fail-not T3 Fail-not (2650)
CloakofUnrelentingSorrow T3 Mantle of Discord (2650)
SoulReaver T3 Soul Reaver (2650)
TyphonsFang T3 Typhon's Fang (2650)
DoomOrb T3 Doom Orb (2700)
Duality T3 Duality (2700)
Heartseeker T3 Heartseeker (2750)
CloakofUnrelentingSorrow T3 Mantle of Discord (2750)
RodofTahuti T3 Rod of Tahuti (2850)
RodofTahuti T3 Rod of Tahuti (2850)
Deathbringer T3 Deathbringer (2900)
SphinxsBaubles T3 Sphinx's Baubles (2900)

Glyph[ | ]

Evolved[ | ]