Joust (3 vs. 3) is a game mode similar to Conquest and Assault.

In this mode, two teams of 3 players are placed in two separated bases at opposite ends of the map, connected by one lane protected by one tower and a Phoenix. There are small jungles with buff camps to the sides. The main objective is to destroy the enemy titan.

The tower is the first line of defense. It has 2000 health.

The next defense is the Phoenix. The Phoenix has less health than the tower and titan, but can regenerate a low amount of health every 3 minutes, and for the time afterwards, slowly gains more.

The main objective is the titan. It has 8000 health, and is stationed right outside the Fountain. Unlike the Phoenix, the titan does not regenerate and it does not activate until enemies have gotten through both the tower and Phoenix. If a team kills the enemy titan, then they will win.

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