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Master Soulbinder Merlin
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Voice actor: Michael Orenstein
God's Page: Merlin
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God Selection[]

  • "The grave can't hold my strength!"


  • "I once thought death would be the end of my story, but in fact, it was only the beginning!"
  • "Let us pen their names in the book of the dead."


(Passive) Overload[]

  • "Necrotic orb!"
  • "Oouh!"
  • "Oouh!"

(1) Eclipse(Arcane)[]

  • "Eldritch darts!"
  • "Blast you!"

(1) Radiate(Fire)[]

  • "Fireball!"
  • "Diabolic flame!"

(1) Frostbolt(Ice)[]

  • "Bolt of frost!"
  • "Chilling blast!"

(2) Vortex(Arcane)[]

  • "Where do you think you're going?"
  • "Stop right now!"

(2) Dragonfire(Fire)[]

  • "You're trapped!"
  • "Burn!"

(2) Blizzard(Ice)[]

  • "Cold snap!"
  • "Icy jail!"

(3) Flicker[]

  • "There's no escape!"
  • "You can't run from me!"

(4) Elemental Mastery[]

  • "I wield power, dark and terrible!"
  • "As one power fades, another rises!"
  • "Power! Overwhelming!"
  • "Out of the arcane, a dark power burns!"
  • "Smolder flame and blood chill!"
  • "Beneath the ice, an eldritch secret awakens!"

Low Health[]

  • "Dying's not the end, but it's not fun either!"
  • "I've no desire to return to the grave!"


When placing Wards[]

  • "Keep watch!"
  • "I see all!"

When buying Consumables[]

  • "This will keep me going!"
  • "I'll just tuck this away here."

When buying Offensive Items[]

  • "Power overwhelming!"
  • "Such strength!"

When buying Defensive Items[]

  • "What? To keep me alive?"
  • "Ugh. Corporeal forms are so.. weak."


When in a Killstreak[]

  • "Slaaaiiiin!!"
  • "I can't be killed!"

When killing a Jungle Boss[]

  • "An apt sacrifice."
  • "Your death grants me strength!"

When destroying a Tower[]

  • "Utter destruction!"
  • "Another tower falls!"


  • "Death won't stop me! Nothing, can stop me!"
  • "We all must pass through this dark gate!"


  • "Are you ready to die?!"
  • "I've tried death and can't say I recommend it!"
  • "Fight me and you'll find out for yourself what it is to die!"
  • "I leave not in my wake but corpses!"
  • "You're just one more grave to me!"

Directed Taunts[]

  • "Who will measure your soul, jackal!" (Anubis)
  • "Down boy!" (Cerberus)
  • "Quiet you old bag of bones!" (Hades)
  • "A whole side of you is missing! The outside." (Osiris)
  • "Back to Hades with you!" (Thanatos)


  • "If your exorcist lends you money and you don't pay it back, do you get re-possessed?"
  • "How do I keep my soul safe? De-encrypt-ion!"
  • "Get me a death shroud! Liches love death shrouds!"


  • "(Laughs)"
  • "(Laughs)"
  • "(Laughs)"


VGS Outcome
A Attack
B Enemy
C Careful
D Defend
E Emote
G Gank
H Help
I Incoming
Q Ward
R Retreat
S Self
T Returned
V Other

VA - Attack[]

VGS Outcome
T Tower
1 "Attack left lane!"
2 "Attack middle lane!"
3 "Attack right lane!"
A "Attack!"
F "Attack Fire Giant!"
G "Attack the Gold Fury!"
M "Attack the Titan!"
M "Attack the Minions!" (Arena Only)

VAT - Tower[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Attack the left tower!"
"Attack the left phoenix!"

2 "Attack the middle tower!"
"Attack the middle phoenix!"

3 "Attack the right tower!"
"Attack the right phoenix!"

VB - Enemy[]

VGS Outcome
J Jungle
1 "Enemies in the left lane!"
2 "Enemies in the middle lane!"
3 "Enemies in the right lane!"
A "Enemy ultimate incoming!"
B "Enemies have returned to base."
D "Enemy ultimate down!"
E "Enemies behind us!"
F "Enemies at the Fire Giant!"
G "Enemies at the Gold Fury!"
M "Enemies at the Titan!"
S "Enemy spotted!"

VBJ - Jungle[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies in the left jungle!"
2 "Enemies in the right jungle!"
J "Enemies in the jungle!"

VC - Careful[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Be careful left!"
2 "Be careful middle!"
3 "Be careful right!"
B "Return to base!"
C "Be careful!"
J "Be careful in the jungle!"

VD - Defend[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Defend left lane!"
2 "Defend middle lane!"
3 "Defend right lane!"
D "Defend!"
F "Defend the Fire Giant!"
G "Defend the Gold Fury!"
M "Defend the Titan!"
M "Defend the Portal!" (Arena Only)

VE - Emote[]

VGS Outcome
A "Chilling!"
G "I will never die!"
J Jokes
L Laughs
R "You're terrific!"
T Taunts
W "Raaaaaaa!"

VF - MIA[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemy missing left!"
2 "Enemy missing middle!"
3 "Enemy missing right!"
F "Enemy missing!"

VG - Gank[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Gank left lane!"
2 "Gank middle lane!"
3 "Gank right lane!"
G "Gank!"

VH - Help[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Help left lane!"
2 "Help middle lane!"
3 "Help right lane!"
H "Help!"
S "Need Healing!"

VI - Incoming[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies incoming left!"
2 "Enemies incoming middle!"
3 "Enemies incoming right!"
I "Enemies incoming!"

VQ - Ward[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Ward Left!"
2 "Ward middle!"
3 "Ward Right!"
F "Ward the Fire Giant!"
G "Ward the Gold Fury!"
N "We need Wards!"
Q "Ward Here!"

VR - Retreat[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Retreat left lane!"
2 "Retreat middle lane!"
3 "Retreat right lane!"
J "Retreat from the Jungle!"
R "Retreat!"
S "Save yourself!"

VS - Self[]

VGS Outcome
A Attack
B Buff
D Defend
Q Ward
G Gank
T Returned
O "I'm on it!"
R "Falling back!"
S "I'm building Stacks!"

VSA - Attack[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll Attack left lane!"
2 "I'll Attack middle lane!"
3 "I'll Attack right lane!"
A "I'll Attack!"
F "I'll Attack the Fire Giant!"
G "I'll Attack the Gold Fury!"
M "I'll Attack the Titan!"

VSB - Buff[]

VGS Outcome
B "I'm going for jungle buff!"
N "I need the jungle buff."
T "Take this jungle buff."

VSD - Defend[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll defend left lane!"
2 "I'll defend middle lane!"
3 "I'll defend right lane!"
D "I'll defend!"
F "I'll defend the Fire Giant!"
G "I'll defend the Gold Fury!"
M "I'll defend the Titan!"

VSG - Gank[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll gank left lane!"
2 "I'll gank middle lane!"
3 "I'll gank right lane!"
G "I'll gank!"

VSQ - Ward[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I will ward left!"
2 "I will ward middle!"
3 "I will ward right!"
Q "I will ward!"

VST - Returned[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'm returning left lane!"
2 "I'm returning middle lane!"
3 "I'm returning right lane!"
B "I'm returning to base!"
T "I have returned!"

VT - Returned[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies have returned left!"
2 "Enemies have returned middle!"
3 "Enemies have returned right!"
T "Enemies have returned!"

VV - Other[]

VGS Outcome
G General
V Position
A "Ok!"
B "Be right back!"
C "Completed!"
K "Stepping away for a moment."
M "Out of mana!"
N "No!"
P "Please?"
S "Mistakes were made!"
T "Thanks!"
W "Wait!"
X "Cancel that!"
Y "Yes!"

VVG - General[]

VGS Outcome
B "I'll take my leave!"
F "Let nothing stop you!"
G "Put the spirits to rest."
H "Hell, you're here now, I suppose."
L "Take their very lives!"
N "Well done, indeed!"
O "A thousand pardons!"
Q "Silence!"
R "It is forgotten!"
S "Son of a leech!"
T "How dreadful!"
W "You're welcome!"

VVV - Position[]

VGS Outcome
A "Set up an ambush here!"
B "Behind us!"
C "Chase the enemy!"
D "Ultimate is down!"
E "On my way!"
F "Follow me!"
G "Group up!"
J "Going into the jungle!"
P "Split push!"
R "Ultimate is ready!"
S "Stay here!"
T "It's a trap!"
W "Place a Ward for teleport!"
X "Spread Out!"