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Maya Pantheon Chest
TreasureRoll Pantheon Maya.png
Cost: 400 Gems.png
Cost: {{{costfavor}}} Favor.png
Cost: {{{costhonor}}} NewUI Clan Honor.png
Release Date: December 17, 2016

The Maya Pantheon Chest is one of the treasure chests in SMITE.


Each chest has a chance of unlocking one of the items displayed or a Dark Whisper, Galactic Invader, Shaolin Monk-ey skin, or a Temple of Kukulkan ward.


Maya Pantheon Avatar Itty Bitty Chibee Ah Muzen Cab Dark Whisperer Ah Muzen Cab Void PiercerAh Muzen Cab Chilling Grasp Ah Puch Freaky Tiki Ah Puch Galactic Invader Ah Puch Horrific Harvester Ah Puch Infinite Seer Ah Puch Nutcromancer Ah Puch Shadow Spirit Ah Puch Feline Fashion Awilix Midnight Dove Awilix Renegade Awilix Fat Loki Cabrakan Gamma Slam Cabrakan Nerd Rage Cabrakan Tremor Tech Cabrakan Brimstone Beast Camazotz Jurassic Camazotz Stone Sentinel Camazotz Terror-Dactyl Camazotz Abyssal Executioner Chaac Blood Axe Chaac Chaacolate Chaac Righteous Hammer Chaac Radical Rex Chaac Slaughterhouse Chaac Storm Tech Chaac Hun.Bat Hun Batz Shaolin Monk-ey Hun Batz Space Monkey Hun Batz Breezy Chibi Kukulkan Dragon Doggo Kukulkan Kuku Kukulkan Polar Vortex Kukulkan Quetzakukulkan Kukulkan Sacred Dragon Kukulkan Sir Pentsworth IV, ESQ. Kukulkan Fire Dancer Xbalanque Jag.RAR Xbalanque Jaguar Footballer Xbalanque Shinobalanque Xbalanque Titanium Tracker Xbalanque Temple of Kukulkan Ward Skin

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