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The Minimap in SMITE shows a representation of the current map. It displays important information such as structures, jungle camps and the current location of gods or other units. Teams share minimap vision. Any units outside a team's vision range will not be displayed on the minimap.

All structures can be seen on the minimap at all times, with individual indicators that show their current health. Jungle camps are also displayed. After the largest creature in a camp had been killed, any team that had vision of it will see it's respawn timer. If a team had no vision of a camp when it was taken, the minimap will not be updated until one of its members approaches the camp. The symbol will then disappear, but this team will not be able to see the respawn timer for it.

Certain Game Modes also have additional elements on their minimaps. Arena has indicators that allows each team to know the status of their minotaur, and also a ticket counter that shows how many tickets each team has. Siege has indicators that show the current status of each team's siege juggernauts, and also has counters that show how many points must be acquired to spawn a new juggernaut.

Players can ping the minimap by pressing the Free Mouse key (Alt by default) and moving the cursor over the map and left clicking the area they wish to mark. Right clicking will indicate caution by using a different sound and a yellow color. Players can also enable an option that allows them to ping using the VGS system by typing the first two characters of the VGS command and left clicking on the ground where a ping will be displayed.

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