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A Movement penalty in SMITE is caused by certain actions and will reduce a god's movement speed while they perform them.

There are 3 types of movement penalty: Backpedal, Stafing and Basic Attack penalties. The Backpedal penalty is applied when walking backward. The Strafing penalty is applied for moving sideways. The Basic Attack penalty is applied while firing basic attacks and persists for a short time afterwards. The Basic Attack penalty's potency is stronger for ranged gods than melee gods. None of these penalties are shown in the movement speed counter.

Some effects, such as Medusa's passive ability, will ignore or reduce the effect of these penalties. The effect Haste gained from certain abilities and from items like HastenedKatana T3.png Hastened Katana will nullify the basic attack penalty.

According to community experiments:

  • Backpedal penalty = 40% reduced†
  • Strafing penalty = 20% reduced†
  • Ranged Basic Attack penalty = 50% reduced†
  • Melee Basic Attack penalty = 35% reduced†

†These numbers are based on player experimentation. No official values have been given.

Note: Movement speed reduction from the mentioned above sources can be compounded, but cannot exceed 50% reduction (e.g moving backwards while attacking will only reduce the player's movement speed by 50%).