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SkinArt NeithS2 Default
Title: Weaver of Fate
Pantheon: NewUI Pantheon2 Egyptian Egyptian
Type: {{{types}}}[[Category:{{{types}}} gods]]
Roles: S2 Role Carry Carry
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Difficulty: {{{difficulty}}}
Release date: May 2, 2024
Favor: Favor
Gems: Gems
Voicelines: Neith (SMITE 2) voicelines
Voice actor: Lindsay Seidel
Health: 586.9 (+77.55)
Mana: 305 (+43)
Speed: 430 (+0)
Range: {{{range}}} (+0)
Attack/Sec: 1 (+1.498%)
Physical: 18.4 (+2.9)
Magical: 26.7 (+1.46)
HP/Sec: 1.7 (+0.2)
MP/Sec: 2.25 (+0.25)
*Numbers in parentheses are the amount gained at each level

Neith is one of the playable Gods in SMITE 2.

Lore[ | ]

When time began, there was only endless black waters. Yet, from water comes all life, and from this primordial force was born the first of Goddesses, Neith. As the waters continued to form the world and everything within it, Neith’s natural instinct to protect and nurture the people led her to champion the hunt. With meat she fed them and with hides she clothed them, but as the people she sought to protect grew old, or sick, or died on the battlefield, Neith’s compassion forced her to change her calling.

With nimble fingers, the Goddess wove shrouds to shield the lost spirits of the dead on their journey to the underworld, leaving a loose thread she could trace as the ghosts ventured down the river. As time passed, more and more threads spread across the world, weaving an intricate pattern of fate that only Neith could see. Now, the war between Gods grows ever more fevered, and Neith can no longer sit idle. The threads of fate are fraying at the edges and she must once again pick up her bow and hunt, or watch the world return to the waters from whence it came.

Abilities[ | ]

Basic Attack - Neith Basic Attack
Fire a projectile that deals Physical Damage to the first enemy hit. Notes:
 Bullet Projectile stops on first target hit, and does not pass through walls.
 Bullet Range: 8.8 meters  Bullet Radius: 0.48 meters
 Bullet Damage: 44 + 2.42 per level  Bullet Damage Scaling: 100% Strength + 20% Intelligence

Ability Video

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Passive - Broken Weave
Your abilities can create Weaves or detonate them to deal additional Physical Damage and Root enemis in a larger area. Detonate Weaves to gain a stacking Attack Speed and Intelligence increase per Weave detonated. Notes:
 Bullet Damage: 30  Bullet Damage Scaling: 30% Intelligence
 Bullet Root Duration: 1 second  Bullet Attack Speed: 2% Per Stack
 Bullet Intelligence: 10 + 0.5 Per Level  Bullet Buff Duration: 30 seconds
 Bullet Max Buff Stacks: 3

Ability Video

1st Ability - Spirit Arrow
Fire a projectile that deals Physical Damage and Roots enemies. Hitting a Weave detonates it. Notes:
 Bullet Projectile passes through and damages all enemies, and passes through walls.
 Bullet Cost: 40/50/60/70/80 mana  Bullet Cooldown: 13/12.5/12/11.5/11 seconds
 Bullet Range: 10.4 meters  Bullet Radius: 0.56 meters
 Bullet Damage: 60/115/170/225/280  Bullet Damage Scaling: 85% Strength + 60% Intelligence
 Bullet Root Duration: 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 seconds

Ability Video

2nd Ability - Unravel
Deal Magical Damage to enemies in the area. Heal yourself on successful hit or Heal a larger amount when hitting a God. Creates Weaves in the area. Notes:
 Bullet Always creates a Weave in the center of the area. Creates additional Weaves for each enemy God hit at the locations of those Gods.
 Bullet Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 mana  Bullet Cooldown: 14/13.5/13/12.5/12 seconds
 Bullet Range: 8.8 meters  Bullet Radius: 3.2 meters
 Bullet Damage: 70/110/150/190/230  Bullet Damage Scaling: 75% Intelligence
 Bullet Cooldown: Heal: 15/20/25/30/35  Bullet Cooldown: Heal Scaling: 10% Intelligence
 Bullet Cooldown: Increased Heal: 30/40/50/60/70  Bullet Cooldown: Increased Heal Scaling: 10% Intelligence

Ability Video

3rd Ability - Back Flip
Deal Magical Damage to enemies in front of you, then Leap backwards. Hitting a Weave with the initial damage detonates it. Notes:
 Bullet This ability can Leap over walls, as long as you can reach a valid landing area.
 Bullet Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 mana  Bullet Cooldown: 15 seconds
 Bullet Cone Angle: 110 degrees  Bullet Damage: 80/120/160/200/240
 Bullet Damage Scaling: 60% Intelligence

Ability Video

Ultimate - World Weaver
Channel to begin charging an attack and lock on to an enemy God. Reactivate to fire a homing projectile at the selected God that deals Physical Damage and Stuns. Notes:
 Bullet Damage scales linearly from 50% to 100% based on Channel time.
 Bullet Channel for 0.5 seconds for minimum damage, or for 2 seconds to deal fully charged damage.
 Bullet Projectile ignores minions, passes through walls.
 Bullet Enemy Gods can step in front of this projectile to be hit by it instead of the selected god.
 Bullet You can cancel this ability anytime before firing, the costs and cooldown will not be consumed.
 Bullet Cost: 80/90/100/110/120 mana  Bullet Cooldown: 90 seconds
 Bullet Damage: 200/250/300/350/400  Bullet Damage Scaling: 100% Strength + 100% Intelligence
 Bullet Stun Duration: 1 seconds

Ability Video

Videos[ | ]

Desk Dive: Rework[ | ]

Achievements[ | ]

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This achievement has not been released yet.
Achievement Temp
This achievement has not been released yet.

Trivia[ | ]

General[ | ]

Skins[ | ]

Default Skin card Release Date Unreleased
Type Standard
Cost Free
Voicelines Neith voicelines
In Game Model
Extra Information

Nightstalker Skin card Release Date Unreleased
Type Standard
Cost Free
Voicelines Nightstalker Neith voicelines
In Game Model
Extra Information

Changelog[ | ]

SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend 3 (June 27, 2024)

  • Icons2 Neith Passive Broken Weaves
    • Fixed an issue where this ability stated that it dealt Physical Damage
    • It should now display and deal the intended damage type: Magical Damage
  • Icons2 Neith A01 Spirit Arrow
    • Decreased Root Duration From 1.6/1.7/1.8/1.9/2 seconds to 1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4 seconds
  • Icons2 Neith A04 World Weaver
    • Decreased Stun Duration From 1.5 seconds to 1 seconds At All Ranks

SMITE 2 Alpha Weekend 1 (May 2, 2024)

  • Neith has been added to the game.