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Nike's Valley of Victory was a Capture the Flag game mode and the very first of the Adventures in SMITE. It was available between March 1 and March 28, 2017.

Additional information can be found here: Valley of Victory promo site.

Description[ | ]


Onwards, to Victory![ | ]

Capture the Flag in Nike's Valley of Victory, an all-new, limited-time, 5v5 game mode in SMITE! Grab the flag, bash an enemy in the face, throw the flag to your ally, and return it to your base to score points. It's a godly take on Capture the Flag, full of the divine characters and awesome abilities that define the Battleground of the Gods.

New Map: Valley of Victory[ | ]

Behold, Nike's Valley of Victory! Within this lush expanse, Nike's temples pay homage to the greatest of Champions with marble busts and billowing banners. At the mouth of the valley, a sign bars passage: “No losers allowed!”

Capture The Flag[ | ]

ValleyofVictory Minimap

Invade enemy territory. Take their flag. And don't forget to defend your own flag – if it's not at your base, you can't capture the enemy flag.

Game Rules[ | ]

Nike's Valley of Victory is a 5v5 game mode. The goal is to capture the opposing team's flag while protecting your own. The first team to capture 5 flags wins.

  • 12 minutes timer with 4 minutes overtime
  • Stats at level 20
  • 100,000 gold to spend
  • No relics or consumables

Gods[ | ]

Only these gods can be used in this game mode:

Flag Abilities[ | ]

When a god is carrying the flag, they are slowed and have limited healing. They also gain access to exciting new special flag abilities.

  • Bash: Melee attack that deals true damage.
  • Dash: Dash that knocks opponents back.
  • Toss: Flag throw for passing to your teammates.

Buffs[ | ]

There are strong new buffs to be found in the map.

  • Shield: 1000 health shield for 1 minute.
  • Damage: 40% damage for 1 minute.
  • Speed: 40% speed for 15 seconds.
  • Potion: Recover 25% of your Health and Mana over 5 seconds.

Victory Bundle[ | ]

Celebrate and save with this great bundle! Included is the Conqueror Nike skin, an evolving Global Emote and a Gold Key - Your ticket to a Limited Skin from the Gold Vault. This bundle costed 700 Gems while the Valley of Victory was available.

Achievements[ | ]

The Valley of Victory achievements progress is tracked for all that play in the game mode. Players will gain the rewards for completing the achievements even if they have not unlocked the Victory Bundle.

The Final Victory
Achievement Adeventures CTF TheFinalVictory
Win 15 matches of Nike's Valley of Victory.
500 Achievement Points
Stop Right There
Achievement Adeventures CTF StopRightThere
Kill 3 flag carriers in a single match of Nike's Valley of Victory.
200 Achievement Points
Not Even Close
Achievement Adeventures CTF NotEvenClose
Capture a flag in overtime of Nike's Valley of Victory.
150 Achievement Points
The Flagbearer
Achievement Adeventures CTF FlagBearer
Capture 20 flags in Nike's Valley of Victory.
300 Achievement Points
Global Emote Upgrade
Where Were They
Achievement Adeventures CTF WhereAreThey
Steal the flag and capture it within 30s by yourself in Nike's Valley of Victory.
250 Achievement Points
Global Emote Upgrade
Get Flagged!
Achievement Adeventures CTF NoPressure
Kill an enemy while holding the flag in Nike's Valley of Victory.
500 Achievement Points
Global Emote Upgrade

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