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Noxious Chest
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Cost: 400 Gems.png
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Release Date: December 14, 2021

The Noxious Chest is one of the treasure chests in SMITE.


Each Noxious Chest has a chance of unlocking a skin or an exclusive skin. Chests never unlock duplicate items. Unlocking an item from this chest unlocks the same item in another chest.


Noxious Naga Medusa Toxic Tide He Bo Oasis Djinn Aphrodite Dragon's Dagger Pele Death Dragon Anubis Dragon Keeper Discordia Dragonguard Horus Gecko Gladiator Xing Tian Half-Life Baron Samedi Kaiju Sobek Luminous Bastet Nuclear Winter Ymir Raxalotl Ratatoskr Road Rebel Hercules Sand Viper Ao Kuang Noxious Bundle

  • Noxious Bundle:
Noxious Recall Skin "Noxious" Recall Skin
Noxious Level-Up Skin "Noxious" Level-Up Skin


Sacred Dragon Kukulkan Tyr-Rex Tyr