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Voice actor: Allegra Clark
God's Page: Persephone
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God Selection[]


  • ▶️ "My plants will reach into the heavens and drag those self-serving fools from their thrones!"
  • ▶️ "Before me lies a barren field. One, that I will shape into a garden worthy of my name!"


(Passive) Pomegranate Seeds[]

(1) Bone Rush[]

(2) Harvest[]

(3) Flourish[]

(4) Grasp of Death[]

Low Health[]


When placing Wards[]

When buying Consumables[]

When buying Offensive Items[]

When buying Defensive Items[]

  • ▶️ "A rose is not without its thorns."
  • ▶️ "Not exactly my style, but you can't be too picky when fighting gods."


When in a Killstreak[]

  • ▶️ "A field of corpses soon blossoms into a field of flowers!"
  • ▶️ "Another powerful soul for my domain!"

When killing a Jungle Boss[]

  • ▶️ "Courageous beast, your time to rest has come."
  • ▶️ "Powerful souls, such as yours, will flourish in the underworld."

When destroying a Tower[]



  • ▶️ "The only use for you is to nourish the soil!"
  • ▶️ "You have sown your own defeat. I merely tend to the downfall."
  • ▶️ "Normally, I see the value in every soul. You.. you may be the exception."
  • ▶️ "Careful. Struggling only makes the vines grow stronger."
  • ▶️ "Be thankful. From your corpse I will create something beautiful!"

Directed Taunts[]

  • ▶️ "At first, you were like the others, seeking me for your own ends. But you learned. You placed my destiny in my own hands, when others would deny me." (Hades)
  • ▶️ "Be thankful for your short reign. You'll not want to be a thorn in my side in the coming days!" (Hera)
  • ▶️ "Time has not been kind to Asgard. Tell me, can one still be called ruler of rubble and ruin?" (Odin)
  • ▶️ "You are the new king? Poor thing. I give those children a month, before they turn on you." (Olorun)
  • ▶️ "It is just like a god, to feel entitled to mortal souls. Let's see how you feel having yours taken against your will!" (Thanatos)
  • ▶️ "Has your stay in the underworld been pleasant? I sure hope it hasn't been." (Zeus)


  • ▶️ "I appreciate Hades. He doesn't take me for pomegranted."
  • ▶️ "I'll give you one chance to surrender. Take it or leaf it!"
  • ▶️ "For the last time, my husband isn't a bad guy. Sure, he rules over the dead, killed his brother, sundered the earth to raise Tartarus.. eh. Ah. Just.. trust me."



VGS Outcome
A Attack
B Enemy
C Careful
D Defend
E Emote
G Gank
H Help
I Incoming
Q Ward
R Retreat
S Self
T Returned
V Other

VA - Attack[]

VGS Outcome
T Tower
1 "Attack left lane!"
2 "Attack middle lane!"
3 "Attack right lane!"
A "Attack!"
F "Attack Fire Giant!"
G "Attack the Gold Fury!"
M "Attack the Titan!"
M "Attack the Minions!"

VAT - Tower[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Attack the left tower!"
"Attack the left phoenix!"

2 "Attack the middle tower!"
"Attack the middle phoenix!"

3 "Attack the right tower!"
"Attack the right phoenix!"

VB - Enemy[]

VGS Outcome
J Jungle
1 "Enemies in the left lane!"
2 "Enemies in the middle lane!"
3 "Enemies in the right lane!"
A "Enemy ultimate incoming!"
B "Enemies have returned to base."
D "Enemy ultimate down!"
E "Enemies behind us!"
F "Enemies at the Fire Giant!"
G "Enemies at the Gold Fury!"
M "Enemies at the Titan!"
S "Enemy spotted!"

VBJ - Jungle[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies in the left jungle!"
2 "Enemies in the right jungle!"
J "Enemies in the jungle!"

VC - Careful[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Be careful left!"
2 "Be careful middle!"
3 "Be careful right!"
B "Return to base!"
C "Be careful!"
J "Be careful in the jungle!"

VD - Defend[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Defend left lane!"
2 "Defend middle lane!"
3 "Defend right lane!"
D "Defend!"
F "Defend the Fire Giant!"
G "Defend the Gold Fury!"
M "Defend the Titan!"
M "Defend the Portal!" (Arena Only)

VE - Emote[]

VGS Outcome
A "Greatness sprouts before me!" ▶️
G "Only I surpass my beautiful blossoms!" ▶️
J Jokes
L Laughs
R "You're growing on me!" ▶️
T Taunts
W "Ah ha!" ▶️

VF - MIA[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemy missing left!"
2 "Enemy missing middle!"
3 "Enemy missing right!"
F "Enemy missing!"

VG - Gank[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Gank left lane!"
2 "Gank middle lane!"
3 "Gank right lane!"
G "Gank!"

VH - Help[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Help left lane!"
2 "Help middle lane!"
3 "Help right lane!"
H "Help!"
S "Need Healing!"

VI - Incoming[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies incoming left!"
2 "Enemies incoming middle!"
3 "Enemies incoming right!"
I "Enemies incoming!"

VQ - Ward[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Ward Left!"
2 "Ward middle!"
3 "Ward Right!"
F "Ward the Fire Giant!"
G "Ward the Gold Fury!"
N "We need Wards!"
Q "Ward Here!"

VR - Retreat[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Retreat left lane!"
2 "Retreat middle lane!"
3 "Retreat right lane!"
J "Retreat from the Jungle!"
R "Retreat!"
S "Save yourself!"

VS - Self[]

VGS Outcome
A Attack
B Buff
D Defend
Q Ward
G Gank
T Returned
O "I'm on it!"
R "Falling back!"
S "I'm building Stacks!"

VSA - Attack[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll Attack left lane!"
2 "I'll Attack middle lane!"
3 "I'll Attack right lane!"
A "I'll Attack!"
F "I'll Attack the Fire Giant!"
G "I'll Attack the Gold Fury!"
M "I'll Attack the Titan!"

VSB - Buff[]

VGS Outcome
B "I'm going for jungle buff!"
N "I need the jungle buff."
T "Take this jungle buff."

VSD - Defend[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll defend left lane!"
2 "I'll defend middle lane!"
3 "I'll defend right lane!"
D "I'll defend!"
F "I'll defend the Fire Giant!"
G "I'll defend the Gold Fury!"
M "I'll defend the Titan!"

VSG - Gank[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'll gank left lane!"
2 "I'll gank middle lane!"
3 "I'll gank right lane!"
G "I'll gank!"

VSQ - Ward[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I will ward left!"
2 "I will ward middle!"
3 "I will ward right!"
Q "I will ward!"

VST - Returned[]

VGS Outcome
1 "I'm returning left lane!"
2 "I'm returning middle lane!"
3 "I'm returning right lane!"
B "I'm returning to base!"
T "I have returned!"

VT - Returned[]

VGS Outcome
1 "Enemies have returned left!"
2 "Enemies have returned middle!"
3 "Enemies have returned right!"
T "Enemies have returned!"

VV - Other[]

VGS Outcome
G General
V Position
A "Ok!" ▶️
B "Be right back!" ▶️
C "Completed!"
K "Stepping away for a moment." ▶️
M "Out of mana!" ▶️
N "No!" ▶️
P "Please?" ▶️
S "Excuse you!" ▶️
T "Thanks!"
W "Wait!"
X "Cancel that!"
Y "Yes!" ▶️

VVG - General[]

VGS Outcome
B "Buh bye!" ▶️
F "Have a bountiful harvest!" ▶️
G "Well fought." ▶️
H "Greetings! Would you like some pomegranate?" ▶️
L "May the seasons favor you!" ▶️
N "Ha. Well done!" ▶️
O "Whoops." ▶️
Q "Learn from the dead, they are quiet!" ▶️
R "Fear not!" ▶️
S "Stubborn reeds!" ▶️
T "That's.. well.. not great!" ▶️
W "You're welcome!" ▶️

VVV - Position[]

VGS Outcome
A "Set up an ambush here!"
B "Behind us!"
C "Chase the enemy!"
D "Ultimate is down!"
E "On my way!"
F "Follow me!"
G "Group up!"
J "Going into the jungle!"
P "Split push!"
R "Ultimate is ready!"
S "Stay here!"
T "It's a trap!"
W "Place a Ward for teleport!"
X "Spread Out!"