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Rage T3.png
Item Type: Offensive
Item Tier: Tier 3
Cost: 1150
Total Cost: 2500
Stats: +30 Physical Power
+30% Critical Strike Chance
Active Effect:
Passive Effect: PASSIVE - Killing or getting an assist on an enemy god gives you 1 stack. Each stack provides 3% Critical Strike Chance. Stacks are permanent and stack up to 5 times.
Active Cooldown:
Passive Cooldown:

Rage is one of the Items in SMITE.


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
HiddenDagger T1.png Hidden Dagger ShortSword T2.png Short Sword Rage T3.png Rage


Item Stats Passive Effect
Evolved Rage
Evolved Rage
+30 Physical Power
+45% Critical Strike Chance