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The following balance and bug fix patch was deployed on Thursday, March 7.

General[ | ]

  • Rewards for tower kills in Conquest mode have undergone changes:
    • Towers no longer give a passive gold bonus.
    • Outer Towers now give a team-wide bonus of 200 gold and 100 xp
    • Inner Towers now give a team-wide bonus of 300 gold and 200 xp.
    • Gold Fury gives a team-wide bonus of 300 gold and 200 xp.
  • At the start of a match, minions now mitigate 10% of all player damage. Every minute, this mitigation increases by 1% until 40% of player damage is mitigated (at the 30 minute mark). Damage from non-player characters (such as minions and towers) is unaffected by this change. This change applies to all gamemodes.
  • Fixed a bug in which some abilities/passives would proc twice. This mainly affected Agni’s Combustion and Ra’s Solar Blessing.
  • A few backend changes and fixes have been made to the procedures for giving deserter status and rewarding goodwill.
  • A few backend changes to the match-making system have been made. With these changes in place, we will be experimenting again with converting the casual queues to run without timers. Based on these experiments, we will decide whether to use queues with or without timers on an ongoing basis.

Gods[ | ]

T Vamana Default Icon Old Vamana[ | ]

  • Base and per level attack speeds increased slightly.