Smite Wiki

The following patch is expected to be deployed on Friday, March 15.

General[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue with game stats not being recorded correctly.
  • Fixed a crash related to minion death FX.
  • Fixed issue with Fury death getting stuck in air.
  • Fixed issue with new players not getting free rotation during first match.
  • Fixed issue with first rental not unlocking icon.
  • Spectator UI fixes with fire giant / gold fury status.
  • Fixed server crash issue in Training map.

Items[ | ]

ResettingMagicalSteamroll Doom Orb[ | ]

  • This item now loses its stack on death when used by Aphrodite.

Gods[ | ]

T Agni Default Icon Old Agni[ | ]

Icons Agni FlameWave Old Flame Wave
  • Description updated to accurately show the damage on the skill screen.

T Aphrodite Default Icon Old Aphrodite[ | ]

  • General
  • LOD additions to several FX.
  • Miscellaneous sound fixes.
Icons Aphrodite A02 Old Kiss
  • The description was updated to let players know that landing a Kiss on a friendly god does not put the ability on cooldown.
Icons Aphrodite A03 Old Back Off!
  • Fixed an issue where this ability would not originate from Arachne when she was her soul mate.
Icons Aphrodite A01 Old Love Birds
  • The birds have had FX optimizations.
  • The description was updated to be more clear that the healing always occurs on her and her soul mate.

T Poseidon Default Icon Old Poseidon[ | ]

  • General
  • LOD additions
Icons Poseidon Passive Old Changing Tides (Passive)
  • The additional damage gained from increasing your Tide levels has been reduced from 30% to 20%.

T Ra Default Icon Ra[ | ]

Icons Ra CelestialBeam Celestial Beam
  • The base damage of this ability has been increased from 95/145/195/245/295 to 95/155/215/275/335.
Icons Ra SolarBlessing Solar Blessing
  • The base healing has been increased from 10/15/20/25/30 to 10/18/26/34/42.
  • The base damage has been increased from 20/30/40/50/60 to 20/32/44/56/68.