Smite Wiki

New Skins[ | ]

Thor: Blood Eagle
Blood Eagle Skin card
  • This skin, drawn from the lore of Tribes: Ascend, can be purchased for gems, or is free to anyone that buys or has bought the Tribes: Ascend Game of the Year Edition (from the Tribes Ascend Store or Steam).

New Gamemode: Assault[ | ]

  • NOTE: This mode will be available only for special MEDIA/STREAMING matches on Thursday, April 11. It will be available for all players beginning Friday, April 12.
  • The Assault gamemode features a single lane with 2 towers, a Phoenix and a Minotaur surrounding both a friendly and enemy base. Your god selection is random. No recalls are allowed and you cannot return to the fountain area after leaving it.

General[ | ]

  • The in-match Item Store has undergone a significant UI overhaul.
  • On the Character Builder screen, you may now save your choices, as well as choose to use this profile when you have auto-buying turned on in the game. (Further future improvements to this functionality are planned).
  • A popup notification now shows when Friends come online. You can control this behavior from the UI tab of the SETTINGS menu, deciding whether to show friend online notifications always, only in the lobby, only in game or never.
  • The Conquest queue under the Casual tab now accepts parties of only up to 3 players. A separate “Conquest Pre-made” queue has been created for 5-person parties. Domination, Arena and Assault still support parties of up to 5 players.
  • When running in borderless window mode at your monitor’s native resolution, the window will always be positioned on the primary monitor and cannot be moved. This helps the game behave more like “fullscreen” mode, solving a variety of user issues.
  • Fixed a variety of map bugs and issues in Joust.

Spectator Changes[ | ]

  • Pinging the minimap with the left mouse button will move the camera to a predetermined height and pitch with the pinged location as the focal point. Pinging the minimap with the right mouse button will move the camera to the precise ping location, preserving the camera angle and camera height.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking the mouse at the beginning of spectating could sometimes send the view to a Phoenix.
  • Smoothed out transitions between various camera modes and FOV changes now smoothly blend.
  • Fixed an issue where keyboard input was not available until everyone had loaded into the map in spectator mode.
  • Removed the ability to report players from the Spectator End of Match Lobby.
  • Fixed a crash condition when playing back demos.

Gods[ | ]

T Anhur Default Icon Anhur[ | ]

  • FX have been updated for visuals and performance.

T Anubis Default Icon Old Anubis[ | ]

  • FX have been updated for visuals and performance.

T AoKuang Default Icon Old Ao Kuang[ | ]

Icons AoKuang Slither Slither
  • Fixed an issue with animations on some abilities not playing correctly if fired while using the Slither ability.

T Apollo Default Icon Apollo[ | ]

Icons Apollo A04 Across The Sky
  • The base damage per tick (4 ticks) has been increased from 60/75/90/105/120 to 70/95/120/145/170.

T Arachne Default Icon Arachne[ | ]

Icons Arachne Broodlings Broodlings
  • If the eggs are broken by damage, 1 spiderling is spawned instead of 2.
  • The spiderlings will now attack enemy that caused the eggs to burst.
Icons Arachne TangledWeb Tangled Web
  • The radius of the web has been reduced from 25 to 20 ft
  • The web now cripples enemies that are within its radius, preventing movement based abilies from being used.
  • The lifetime of the web has been changed from 7s at all ranks to 3/3.5/4/4.5/5s.
  • The speed at which the web is fired has been increased. The web will now deploy immediately if fired at her feet

T Cupid Default Icon Cupid[ | ]

Icons Cupid Fields Fields of Love
  • Fixed a description problem where the damage values in the game lobby and on tooltips was incorrect.
  • The base damage has been increased from 175/225/275/325/375 to 220/300/380/460/540.

T HeBo Default Icon Old He Bo[ | ]

Icons HeBo FloodWaters Old Flood Waters
  • The flood waters now give allies the movement speed increase as well as himself.

T Kali Default Icon Old Kali[ | ]

Icons Kali Rage Kali Rage
  • While this buff is active, her basic attacks, Blood Lash and Frenzy also cause her targets to Bleed for 5/10/15/20/25 physical damage every .5s for 2s
Icons Kali SiphonBlood Siphon Blood
  • Kali now heals an additional 20% from any targets hit that were affected by her Bleed.
  • The delay between the damage being done and the heal being applied to Kali has been removed.
Icons Kali Frenzy Frenzy
  • The damage per tick has been increased from 60/75/90/105/120 to 60/80/100/120/140.
  • The physical power contribution per tick has been increased from 15% to 20%.

T Loki Default Icon Old Loki[ | ]

Icons Loki A03 Old Aimed Strike
  • The physical power contribution has been decreased from 150% to 100%.

T Neith Default Icon Neith[ | ]

Icons Neith A03 Backflip
  • A slight build has been added to the beginning of this ability before firing, similar to other leaps.

T Xbalanque Default Icon Xbalanque[ | ]

Icons Xbalanque A01 Branching Bola
  • Fixed an issue where the branching bola’s were doing slightly more damage than intended.