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New Skins[ | ]

Aphrodite: Afro-dite Loki: Golden
Afro-dite Golden

Conquest[ | ]

  • The Conquest map design has undergone a number of significant design and layout changes.
    • The jungle lanes have been significantly widened, for easier navigation, camera movement, and to facilitate team-fights in the jungle.
    • The jungle has a new layout, and most camp positions have been adjusted.
    • Two additional XP fury camps have been added.
    • The distance between the side lanes at the midpoint of the map has been reduced.
    • The Fire Giant and Gold Fury lairs are now much more open.
    • The first side lane towers have been brought closer together. Other towers are all at their previous locations.
    • Bases have been simplified and slightly reduced in size.
  • A fog of war now encompasses the jungle, limiting your visibility to other players at a distance from you. The Fog of War distance is visually indicated by a dark area in the distance.
  • Sound insulation has been added to jungle camps, limiting sounds to 50ft. You should no longer hear players fighting jungle camps from far out into the lanes. This is a first pass on this system, and there are a few abilities or emotes that might still be heard. Please report any issues.
  • Leashing range on Jungle camps has been reduced substantially.
  • Help text for Jungle camps now matches the leashing area for the creatures and the sound insulation area. It can be used as a reference point for testing those features.
  • The maximum player respawn time is now 75 seconds (previously 90 seconds).
  • The respawn time of the Phoenix has been increased from 3 minutes to 4 minutes.
  • The Gold Fury has had its base health reduced from 3000 to 2700 and its health gained per minute from 240 to 216.
  • The towers and Phoenix have had their range reduced from 70 ft to 62 ft.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: While there have been some visual modifications to the Conquest map in this release (most especially to the trees), the current art treatment of the map is not final and has not been adjusted to the new art style of the game (as represented in the new Joust map). A release later this summer will include major updates to the Conquest Map art style.

New Voice Packs[ | ]

  • T Agni Default Icon Old Agni
  • T Xbalanque Default Icon Xbalanque

General[ | ]

  • A new UI treatment helps better display when players are under Crowd Control effects and how much longer the CC will last.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Recorded tab on the TV menu was not displaying some information correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in which player Kills were not displaying correctly on the Gold Skin loading screen cards.
  • Fixed a couple of minor UI issues.
  • The icon that denotes your position on the mini-map has changed.
  • Several match-making improvements and fixes have been made. This includes a fix to a major issue in which a subset of players were being assigned effectively random internal rankings. Note that your rating in Conquest Solo Ranked may change as a result of these changes and fixes.

Items[ | ]

New Consumable: Teleport 01 Teleport[ | ]

  • Using this item allows you to teleport to any allied ward while being unable to move. Any damage interrupts the teleport.
  • When you activate the consumable, a popup of the map will appear. Select the active ward to begin the teleport.
  • The build up time for teleport is 3 seconds.
  • The cost is 250g. You can only hold one at a time.

Shoes Base Shoes/Greaves Base Greaves/Tabi Base Tabi[ | ]

  • have had their rank 1 prices reduced by 100g and their rank 2 prices increased by 100g.

Boots Midas Midas' Boots[ | ]

  • The Gold per 5 has been reduced from 6 to 5.
  • The price has been increased from 1400g to 1700g.

Ankh Base Ankh[ | ]

  • Ankh Reborn Ankh of the Reborn and Ankh Blessed Blessed Ankh have been removed from the game.
  • Ankh Forge Forged Ankh has been renamed to Ankh Base Ankh.

Several more items have now been altered for a split third tier:

Blink 01 Blink[ | ]

  • A new option is available at rank 3:
Blink Combat 01 Combat Blink
  • Using this item will allow you to teleport short distances instantly, even when in combat. Cooldown - 240s.

Aoeminiondamage Hand of the Gods[ | ]

  • Rank 3 of this item no longer stuns enemies.
  • Rank 3 of this item now automatically kills the Fire Giant and Gold Fury when it is at or below 25% of their health.
  • A new option is available at rank 3:
HandoftheGods Fist 01 Fist of the Gods
  • Using this item deal 480 damage to enemy minions, jungle camps and the Minotaur in a 10 ft radius. This will automatically kill the Fire Giant or Gold Fury if they are at or below 10% health. Also all enemies will be stunned for 1.5s in the radius. Cooldown - 90s.

FriendlyMovementBuff 01 Heavenly Agility[ | ]

  • This item has been combined into SpeedBuff 01 Rank1 Sprint and is now a rank 3 option available there.

ManaBuff 01 Meditation[ | ]

  • Rank 3 of this item has had its healing changed from 25% of their maximum health to 40% of their missing health instead.
  • A new option is available at rank 3:
Meditation Salvation 01 Salvation
  • Using this item gives the owner 20 MP5 for 60 seconds and heals the owner and his teammates mana by 35% of their maximum mana. This also heals the owner and his teammates for 15% of the owner's maximum health. Cooldown - 120s.

SpeedBuff 01 Rank1 Sprint[ | ]

  • A new option is available at rank 3:
FriendlyMovementBuff 01 Heavenly Agility
  • Rank 3 of Heavenly Agility is now found here.

DamageBuff 01 Girdle of Might[ | ]

  • Rank 3 of this item has had its buff duration reduced from 10s to 5s.
  • A new option is available at rank 3:
GirdleofMight Self Girdle of Inner Power
  • Using this item gives the owner a +30 and 15% Physical Power buff and a +60 and 15% Magical Power buff for 10 seconds. You also gain +10% physical and magical penetration. Cooldown - 90s.

Shielded Recall 01 Shielded Recall[ | ]

  • Rank 3 of this item is now called ShieldedRecall Teleport 01 Protected Recall.
  • Rank 3 of this item is no longer interrupted by any crowd control.
  • A new option is available at rank 3:
  • Using this item allows you to teleport to any allied ward, without damage interruption, while being unable to move. You are still interrupted by hard crowd control. Cooldown - 180s.

Gods[ | ]

T Anubis Default Icon Old Anubis[ | ]

  • Basic Attack
  • His magical power lifesteal scaling on his basic attacks has been set to 0%, to match the other magical damage dealing basic attack gods.
Icons Anubis Passive Old Sorrow (Passive)
  • The Magical Lifesteal portion of his passive has been changed to now scale base Magical Lifesteal from item contributions rather than grant it passively. Anubis will now have to purchase an item with Magical Lifesteal to gain this benefit. Each stack of Sorrow increases item-based Magical Lifesteal by 33% (doubling the item-based value at the max of 3 stacks while still respecting the 65% Magical Lifesteal cap).

T HunBatz Default Icon Hun Batz[ | ]

  • Basic Attack
  • The 4th hit of his melee progression no longer hits nearby targets.
Icons HunBatz A02 Overhand Smash
  • The physical power contribution of this ability has been reduced from 100% to 85%.
  • The base damage of this ability has been reduced from 85/150/215/280/345 to 75/130/185/240/295.

T Loki Default Icon Old Loki[ | ]

  • Basic Attack
  • The last hit of his melee progression has been reduced from 200% to 150% of his physical power. This matches the original intended design (there was a bug in the previous release that made the last hit too strong).

T NeZha Default Icon Old Ne Zha[ | ]

Icons NeZha A02 Flaming Spear
  • Increased bonus attack speed from 15/20/25/30/35% back to the original 15/25/35/45/55%. After further evaluation of his performance after the Attack Speed bug fix, we determined this earlier nerf was no longer needed.

T Odin Default Icon Old Odin[ | ]

Icons Odin Shout Old Odin's Shout
  • Fixed an issue where his spear buff would not go away when the buff lifetime expired.