Smite Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Fixed a scenario where jumping through walls could cause the buff camps to fall through the world.
  • Changed the jungle buffs so that picking up the same type of buff is allowed and refreshes that current buff.
  • Fixed an issue where buffs would end up stuck in the air.
  • Fixed an issue where a vortex (like T Hades Default IconHades Icons Hades PillarofAgonyPillar of Agony) was preventing players from dashing out.

Items[ | ]

  • Starter Support 01Watcher’s Gift
    • Updated the description of this item to be more clear.

Gods[ | ]

  • T Chronos Default IconChronos
    • Icons Chronos PassiveWheel of Time
      • Section I of the Wheel of Time has been changed:
        • Heal 1.5% of his maximum health per second.
    • Icons Chronos A02Accelerate
      • This ability now updates the movement speed on the hud.
      • This ability now gives 20% movement speed when activated for 8s in addition to the movement speed increase over time