Smite Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue in which players’ Mastery Level was incorrectly displayed.
  • Cleaned up wording in several places in regards to new God Rank Levels.
  • Fixed an issue in which gods could not be rented.
  • Fixed an issue with the new Conquest Solo Master queue in which it was allowing teams. Rankings in this queue have been reset to account for abnormalities caused by this bug yesterday.

Gods[ | ]

T Ra Default Icon Ra[ | ]

  • Icons Ra DivineLight Divine Light
  • An issue has been fixed in which the tooltip for this ability was incorrectly displaying a scaling value of 50% instead of the correct 40%.

T Thanatos Default Icon Thanatos[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue in which Thanatos could go invisible.
  • Fixed an issue in which the heartbeat sound could persist after a player restores his health.
  • Icons Thanatos A01 Death Scythe
  • Tooltip corrected to reflect that it deals dmg based on max hp instead of current hp.
  • Icons Thanatos A04 Hovering Death
  • Fixed an issue in which Thanatos could get stuck in his ultimate.

T Vulcan Default Icon Vulcan[ | ]

  • Fixed an AI issue with turrets.
  • Icons Vulcan A01 Backfire
  • The mana cost for this ability has been reduced from 50/55/60/65/70 to 40/45/50/55/60.