Smite Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue with the Spectator HUD in which player levels were not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed a hole in deserter logic that could cause players to get deserter status falsely.
  • Co-op matches now give regular XP and Favor rewards. They do not give Worshippers.
  • Fixed an issue in which Favor spent on a god rental would not be correctly returned if the match did not progress past the match lobby phase.

Gods[ | ]

T Nemesis Default Icon Nemesis[ | ]

  • Icons Nemesis A03 Retribution
  • Fixed an issue in which Retribution would not go properly into cooldown if Aegis was used during the ability.
  • Modified the tooltip to properly reflect that NPC damage reflects and heals at 100% of damage received (at all levels).