Smite Wiki

General[ | ]

  • Made a variety of bug fixes to the Item Store, including:
  • Fixed an issue in which the Favorites Tab not working.
  • Fixed several bugs that would prevent “double click” from working as intended.
  • Fixed a bug in which the Item Store was not clearing some info from the previous match. (Filter, Center column highlight, Tier window)
  • Fixed an issue in which owning an item in the same tier is graying out other items in that same tier, but still purchasable.
  • Purchase button is now greyed out properly when not in the fountain area.
  • In grid view, the price shown is now as it was previous to the last patch (not always the top tier price but instead equal to either the highest affordable item in the tree, or the least expensive item in the tree).
  • Some advanced queues are now available again to new users at Level 1 without the user first having to complete the new user recommended flow.
  • Minor database performance optimizations.

Items[ | ]

Belt 02 Rank1 Gauntlet of Thebes[ | ]

  • Temporarily removed from the game. We will review the item more and likely re-introduce in an upcoming patch with different stats or a modified passive.

Gods[ | ]

T Agni Default Icon Agni[ | ]

  • Icons Agni A04 Rain Fire
  • Fixed an issue in which the recovery time was not correct, making it more difficult to place Noxious Fumes down in time after using Rain Fire.

T AMC Default Icon Ah Muzen Cab[ | ]

  • Icons AMC A03 Honey
  • Fixed an issue in which the damage was being overly applied to non-player characters (the previous nerf to damage was only being applied to gods and not NPC's).

T Nemesis Default Icon Nemesis[ | ]

  • Icons Nemesis Passive Scales of Fate
  • Fixed an issue in which the effect was not stacking correctly (allowing too many stacks).