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Skins[ | ]

Golden Mercury
Golden Mercury
  • The Heavy Metal Thor skin has had a variety of FX improvements.

General[ | ]

  • The Item Store has undergone several feature enhancements and bug fixes, including:
  • Recommended Items are now a separate tab on the Item Store, and have undergone significant changes and improvements.
  • Significant performance optimizations.
  • Search in Item Store now applies to all item tiers (regardless of current filter type).
  • Removed the Crit Chance filter for magic users (since unused).
  • Filter and view choices now persist correctly across login sessions
  • Fixed an issue in which “stacking” items were available in Assault. Also improved `the visual presentation in the Item Store when certain items are disabled because of gamemode.
  • Fixed an issue where purchasing Bloodforge would no longer allow you to purchase Cursed Gauntlet.
  • Fixed an issue with owning Hide of the Urchin that prevented you from purchasing Cloak.
  • Fixed an issue with Fatalis showing on Ancient Blade tooltip.
  • NOTE: The ALL ITEMS tab on the Item Store now has a “FAVORITE” heading where the RECOMMENDED heading was previously. This shows the Auto-Buy items (which will switch if you save a profile on the Character Builder page -- same as previous).
  • NOTE 2: This is an early version of the recommended items. We welcome feedback and suggestions regarding the currently configured recommendations!!
  • The jungle buff timers on the mini-map and in-world now appear only if your team had visibility to the buff camp when the buff was last taken. Visibility can be gained by either having a player in vision range or via a ward or pet.
  • Fixed an issue in which the jungle buff timers could be incorrect under certain situations.
  • When you create a custom match, you now automatically join the queue for that match instead of having to separately join the queue after creating.
  • The announcer sounds for multi-kills and some other in-game achievements have been modified. This includes some new functionality for killstreaks, etc. Expect additional changes in the future.
  • A combat log has been added. When toggled on, this will show in the chat area in place of chat and lists damage you have taken recently. PAGE UP is default key to toggle on/off.
  • The game has received various performance improvements. These should be most noticeable at low settings in Conquest.
  • The artistic treatment at end of of match has undergone some modifications.
  • Fixed an issue in which your preferred skin choice would not save correctly in the match lobby. NOTE: As part of this fix, all previous default skin selections have been removed.
  • You can no longer report AI Bots from the end of match lobby screen in Co-Op matches (lol).
  • Fixed a bug related to auto-purchase of items from the same tree.
  • Fixed several issues that would lead to inaccurate or incomplete information being shown in the Death Recap screen (“Y”).
  • Fixed an issue in which Pets (such as Vulcan’s Turret) would not properly give assists if the god was out of assist range. Note that the pet must contribute damage to be awarded an assist (proximity is not enough).
  • Several cleanups and fixes have been made to the Deserter system. The dreaded 540-minute false deserter issue should hopefully now be slain. Please report any future occurences or issues.
  • Fixed some minor sound issues in the Arena map.
  • Fixed some minor UI issues on the Buddy List.
  • Addressed an issue where stunned targets would sometimes briefly continue moving.

Spectator[ | ]

  • Significant UI Overhaul, including the implementation of several new features:
  • Configuration panel has been updated, moved and is easily hideable.
  • Kill notifications have been updated.
  • F5 will expose a new team fight panel.
  • F6 will raise the bottom bar, giving room for a ticker to be added by streamer post-production.
  • Variety of other visual updates.

Items[ | ]

General[ | ]

A number of item trees have been updated for better usability and playability. This includes some new items, some changed items and some name and icon changes.

HealthPotionManaPotionMultiPotion Healing/Mana/Multi Potion[ | ]

  • New Icons.

Aoeminiondamage Hand of the Gods[ | ]

  • No longer provides objective kill bonus at rank 2.

Wingedwand Winged Wand[ | ]

  • Rank 2 and 3 moved into Ancient Blade tree.
  • Now provides +10% attack speed at rank 2 and 3.
  • Health changed from 250/375 to 150/350.
  • Rank 2 renamed to Adventurer’s Blade.
  • Rank 3 renamed to Winged Blade.
  • New Icons.

WitchStone T3 Witch Stone[ | ]

  • Renamed to Witchblade.
  • New Icon.

EbonStone T2 Ebonstone[ | ]

  • Renamed to Cursed Blade.
  • New Icon.

MysticalMark T3 Mystical Mark[ | ]

  • Renamed to Mystical Mail.
  • New Icon.

EnchantedRelic T2 Enchanted Relic[ | ]

  • Renamed to Enchanted Trinket.
  • New Icon.

LessorTalon T2 Lesser Talon[ | ]

  • Renamed to Talon Trinket.
  • New Icon.

VoidStone T3WardStone T2 Void Stone/Ward Stone[ | ]

  • Moved to Magic Focus tree.
  • New Icon.

WallofAbsolution 01WindWall T2 Wall of Absolution/Wind Wall[ | ]

  • Removed from the game.

Idol of Concentration T3 Idol of Concentration[ | ]

  • Rank 2 and 3 moved to Cloak Tree.
  • Stats Changed: 10/10 Physcial Protection, 35/55 Magical Protection, 100/125 Health, 7/10% CDR. Passive - You gain an additional 15% damage mitigation for 3s whenever you are hit with a hard crowd control ability. This can only occur once every 10s.
  • Rank 2 Renamed to Cloak of Concentration.
  • Rank 3 Renamed to Spirit Robe.
  • New Icon.

SpeedBuff 01 Rank1 Sprint[ | ]

  • No longer provides slow immunity on Ranks 1 and 2.

Cloak T1 Cloak Tree[ | ]

  • Upgrades to Icons.
  • Cloak T1 Cloak
  • Protections reduced from 15 to 10.
  • ArmoredHide T2 Armored Hide
  • Renamed to Armored Cloak.

Helm 03 Rank1 Stone of Gaia[ | ]

  • Added +100 Health to all ranks.
  • Moved to Talisman tree. (Rank 1 Gaia discarded)
  • Renamed Rank 2 to Emerald Talisman.
  • New Icon.

RestoredArtifact T2 Restored Artifact[ | ]

  • Reduced magical power from 65 to 50.

SpikedBuckler T1 Spiked Buckler[ | ]

  • Renamed to Round Shield.
  • New Icon.

HuntersBow T2 Old Hunter's Bow[ | ]

  • Renamed to Throwing Dagger
  • Fixed an issue where it was doing too much damage to secondary targets.
  • New Icon.

GoldenBow T3 Golden Bow[ | ]

  • Renamed to Golden Dagger.

VoidShield T3 Void Shield[ | ]

  • New Icon.

SpikedGauntlet T1 Spiked Gauntlet Tree[ | ]

  • New Icons. Cursed Gauntlet still has it's old icon.

SoulCatcher T2 Soul Catcher[ | ]

  • Renamed to Bound Gauntlet.
  • New Icon.

PhysicalSteamroll Devourer's Gloves[ | ]

  • Renamed to Devourer's Gauntlet.
  • New Icon.

Ankh T2 Ankh[ | ]

  • Renamed to Smithy's Hammer.
  • New Icon.

AnkhoftheBear T3 Ankh of the Bear[ | ]

  • Renamed to Runeforged Hammer.
  • New Icon.

Transcendence T3 Old Ascendence[ | ]

  • Fixed an issue in which this removed item was still visible in some situations.

MorningStar T1 Morningstar[ | ]

  • New rank 1 item with +10 physical power. 650 gold.
  • New Icon.

ResettingPhysicalSteamroll Heartseeker[ | ]

  • Rank 2 and 3 moved to new Morningstar tree.
  • Rank 2 named Morningstar of Speed.
  • New Icons.

ItemIcon Mace Transcendence[ | ]

  • Rank 2 and 3 moved to new Morningstar tree.
  • Rank 2 named Charged Morningstar.
  • New Icons.

ItemIcon Trident 01 Hydra's Lament[ | ]

  • Rank 2 and 3 moved to new Morningstar tree.
  • Rank 2 renamed Hydra’s Star.
  • New Icons.

JotunnsWrath T3 Jotunn's Wrath[ | ]

  • New Icon.

ItemIcon CatsEye Eye of Retaliation[ | ]

  • Rank 2 and 3 moved to Round Shield tree (previously renamed).
  • Rank 2 renamed Tower Shield.
  • Rank 3 renamed Shifter’s Shield.
  • New Icons.

All active items have had slight modifications to their names and icons as you rank them up.

  • Sprint / Improved Sprint / Greater Sprint / Heavenly Agility
  • Hand of the Gods / Rage of the Gods / Wrath of the Gods / Fist of the Gods.
  • Girdle of Might / Girdle of Power / Girdle of Support / Girdle of Inner Strength.
  • Eye of Providence / Improved Providence / Greater Providence
  • Shell / Improved Shell / Spiked Shell / Shell of Absorption
  • Purification Beads / Improved Purification / Greater Purification.
  • Meditation / Improved Meditation / Greater Meditation / Salvation
  • Teleport / Improved Teleport / Protected Recall / Shielded Teleport / Teleport to Gods.
  • Blink / Improved Blink / Greater Blink / Combat Blink.
  • Aegis Amulet / Improved Aegis / Greater Aegis / Aegis Pendant.
  • Creeping Curse / Creepier Curse / Weakening Curse / Enfeebling Curse.

Gods[ | ]

T AMC Default Icon Ah Muzen Cab[ | ]

  • Icons AMC A03 Honey
  • Reduced honey duration from 6s to 4s.
  • Reduced the speed debuff from 10/15/20/25/30% to 5/10/15/20/25%.

T Anubis Default Icon Old Anubis[ | ]

  • Icons Anubis DeathGaze Death Gaze
  • Increased tick rate from every 0.3s to 0.1s, so that it hits 30 times in 3s instead of 10.
  • Adjusted damage based on tick rate increase above to 23/28/33/38/43 +15% of you magical power, to give roughly the same damage over 3s.
  • Increase hit radius of the beam from 1 to 1.25.

T Arachne Default Icon Arachne[ | ]

  • Black Widow Skin
  • New loading screen card.

T Bacchus Default Icon Old2 Bacchus[ | ]

  • General
  • New loading screen card.

T Geb Default Icon Geb[ | ]

  • Icons Geb A02 Stone Shield
  • This ability no longer scales off of Geb’s maximum health, instead providing 50/100/150/200/250 +20 Health per Geb’s level.
  • This provides a maximum of 650 health for the shield, and prevents Geb from ‘double-dipping’ when using the shield on himself, buying health items and also getting additional temporary health for it.
  • Icons Geb A04 Cataclysm
  • Damage reduced from 30/35/40/45/50% to 15/20/25/30/35% of an enemies current health.

T HunBatz Default Icon Hun Batz[ | ]

  • General
  • Hun Batz has a new, faster, attack progression. 1/.75/1.25 damage.

T Isis Default Icon Old Isis[ | ]

  • Icons Isis A01 Wing Gust
  • Isis is now immune to root and knockback effects while channeling this ability.

T NeZha Default Icon Old2 Ne Zha[ | ]

  • General
  • New loading screen card.
  • Fixed a number of animation issues, including recall.

T Poseidon Default Icon Old Poseidon[ | ]

  • Icons Poseidon A02 Old Whirlpool
  • Fixed a rare issue that could leave an enemy crippled until death and respawn.

T Scylla Default Icon Scylla[ | ]

  • General
  • Fixed a tooltip issue related to Scylla’s role.
  • Fixed an issue in which Scylla wouldn’t prioritize her ultimate correctly when using auto-leveling.
  • Minor texture changes have been made to her model.
  • Fixed minor animation and FX issues.
  • Icons Scylla A02 Crush
  • Fixed an issue that would allow you to double fire this ability in solo practice modes only.
  • Icons Scylla A03 Sentinel
  • Fixed an issue in which the teleport may not fire if you quickly hit 3 again immediately after initially casting the ability.
  • Using Protected Recall will now cancel the ability to teleport to the Sentinel that is already deployed.
  • Corrected Issue with description saying the passive MP5 only applies when off cooldown. It applies all the time.
  • Icons Scylla A04 I’m a Monster
  • Fixed an issue in which the firing animation played in an incorrect location.

T ZhongKui Default Icon Zhong Kui[ | ]

  • Icons ZhongKui A04 Recall Demons
  • Can no longer cast other abilities while using this ability, although you may still use basic attacks. Right-clicking will now cancel this ability early.