Smite Wiki

SMITE Version 0.1.1080 posted on September 27.

General Features[ | ]

  • Players may now view their recent match history and other statistics in-game from the Profile menu. This is a VERY EARLY version of the player profile functionality. Additional functionality and refinements will be coming in future releases.
  • New “God Killed God” accolades have been added when a player is killed.

Several cleanups and fixes have been made to the Joust gamemode, including:

  • Proper character cards on the loading screen.
  • The ability for Joust matches to be spectated (for those with access to the spectate functionality).
  • Ability to chat with your opponent in game.
  • If you disconnect from the match, you can now reconnect.
  • Buff camps have been adjusted to be more balanced.
  • Gods may not be rented if you are playing in a Ranked match.
  • For the first approx. one to two weeks after their release, new gods will not be rentable in Normal matches, and they will not be playable in Ranked matches.
  • There have been a variety of updates to the spectator mode.
  • Fixed issue with Watch Tutorial dialogue popping up multiple times.

General Gameplay[ | ]

  • Minotaur
  • No longer affected by slows.
  • Regenerates his health over time when all of the Phoenix are standing.
  • Moves faster when in combat.
  • No longer stops moving while attacking.
  • Does even more damage when defending structures are standing.
  • Maximum cooldown reduction is now 30%, up from 25%.
  • Maximum bonus gold and xp gain moved from 10% to 20%.
  • An effect now plays on all players receiving extra gold after the Gold Fury is killed.

Items[ | ]

Ankhgolem Ankh of the Golem
This item has been changed from providing Magical Protection, Mana and MP5 to provide Physical Lifesteal, Attack Speed and Health instead.

Hammer 01 Rank1 Frostbound Hammer
Basic melee attacks now slow your target by 25% instead of 35%. Ranged attacks remain at 15%.
Overall price has been increased from 2350 to 2575.

Staff 01 Rank1 Gem of Isolation
Only damaging abilities proc the slow on this item and only when the damage is done.
Abilities now slow your target by 20% instead of 35%.
Overall price has been increased from 2650 to 2850.

ResettingPhysicalSteamroll Heartseeker
The benefit gained from stacks is now over 60 stacks instead of 40.

BootsofGold Midas’ Boots
Gold and XP from kills bonus is increased from 10% to 15%.

RodofWill Rod of Will
Overall price has been reduced from 2200 to 1950.

Armor 01 Rank1 Sovereignty
This item now properly buffs the owner with +95 Physical Protection instead of +85.

PhysicalPowerMana 01 Staff of Mana
MP5 has been removed from this item.
Item now provides 10/20/30 physical protection.
Overall price has been reduced from 2700 to 2600.

Jungle[ | ]

CoolDownReduction 01 CDR Buff camp
The CDR buff camp now provides a 15% cooldown reduction buff instead of 20%.
Various changes to the AI aggro behavior on minion camps and Fire Giant.

Gods[ | ]

T Vamana Default Icon Old Vamana
Colossal Fury - Vamana again has the same movement penalty while attacking during his ultimate.

T Ymir Default Icon Old Ymir
Glacial Strike - Reduced the delay between firing this ability and Ymir being able to move.

Known Issues[ | ]

  • Sometimes you wont see the Summary at the end of match lobby (page with Victory/Defeat god 3D model), only Scoreboard.
  • Fire Giant can hit you with rocks just outside of volcano.